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Monday, February 19, 2018

Work To Do

First, I want to thank those of you who participated in the discussion on my last post. Whether you agree or disagree with the need for more gun control, it is an important topic as well as a growing crisis in our country. 

I spent a lot of time over the weekend reading and thinking about what we need to do as a nation and as individuals to address the growing threat that guns pose to our children, and to all of us. We have work to do.

I highly recommend this post that is being shared on Facebook, written by a young man, a veteran, who is explaining to his mother just what weapons should be addressed, how we should construct gun regulations, and how to counter the traditional arguments against gun control. It's long, but worth the 15 minute investment.

But I did other things over the weekend too. I watched a lot of Olympics, exercised and walked, did a little work on my current sewing project, and rescued my grandchildren and fed them dinner when their mother was away and their power went out in one of several big windstorms we had Saturday and Sunday. 

And then this morning we were faced with the clean up. 

 Yes, that's how the lawn still looks as a result of the raccoon destruction. 
 Besides the bigger tree boughs, the lawn was littered with twigs and fir cones  that would require raking. 

So this morning we got the housework and laundry done, our usual Monday morning routine. Then this afternoon we began cleaning the outside. 

Now the bins are all full.
Tom raked the upper lawn and part of the lower, while I picked up big stuff and raked out the beds. Then he used the rotary lawn mower to suck up the less heavy debris on the lower lawn. 

 I finished picking up and cleaning up beds and then cleaned the patio. 
Order is restored. We have more to do, in the side yard, and out front. We'll tackle that tomorrow. We have another dry day in store for us, but it is cold - the first time temps dipped into the 20s overnight this winter. 

Our first mini-daffodils opened this weekend, but they may want to hide in their buds now until it warms up again. 


  1. It looks like spring at your place even though you got some frost.

  2. Wow, your garden looks so green and spring like. Here, everything is frozen and drooping. I'm impressed with the amount of work you got done today! Thanks for the link to the facebook article - off to read it.

  3. You didn't get any snow. We did. All the ornamental grasses are still drooping with it, and it's so cold. We lost power for a short time too. Your garden looks wonderfully tidy.

  4. Your yard looks all tidy again.
    Wasn't that some wind though!! We had one fairly long power outage ( fortunately at night) then a few more short ones, very annoying.

  5. what a lot of work to be done...spring is definitely coming thought we have our first snow storm today-lasted 10 minutes...but did give us more moisture in the mountains....

  6. Looks like a second cyclone blew through -- one with rakes and mower! I have to say that one thing I really miss about being south is seeing the daffodils emerge in spring. Of course, that doesn't usually happen until very late spring in Vermont and I have now moved away from the house where I had a garden full of them. When my husband and I used to drive back in April, it was as though we were seeing springtime in reverse as we made our way up the east coast.

  7. It sure is cold, but it looks like you and Tom have done a great job outside anyway. I'll be glad when this super cold air decides to leave. :-)

  8. Hate those pick up stick days but it does prune the trees. I saw my first daffodils today along with first robin and blue bird. Hope is in the air.

  9. Wow you had lots of debris to clean up, but it looks all neat and tidy again:)

  10. Wind storms make a mess, don't they! I picked up sticks today too. Seems like we all have had strange weather lately. Your yard looks pretty!

  11. Wow! That was a strong wind storm you had a huge clean up. Everything looks great again.

    I saw that same letter on Facebook. It's really well written. I wish everybody would read it.


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