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Friday, May 25, 2018

What's Up

I haven't posted for a while. I thought I had nothing to talk about. We were just doing the same old, same old. So I thought about it, and decided we really were doing stuff, even if it is ordinary stuff. 

We have had another great week of weather, even reaching 80 on Wednesday. Our roses are starting to bloom.

So are the fox gloves.

We have gone for our exercise walk, 3.25 miles, almost every day. 

By Monday I was ready to go back the the site of the wasp sting, bee activity seeming squelched by spray in that bird house nest. As of today, my face is pretty much back to normal, the last of the swelling and itching gone. So Monday and Tuesday I finished the clean up of the scilla foliage, cleaning out the rose bed and the bank above it. That was hard work, and hard on the back.

Tuesday I had time out to go get a haircut before going back to work in the garden. By Wednesday the garden jobs were getting crossed off the list. It was warm and I actually sat on the patio and read all afternoon, or at least until it was time to go to Irene's cross country meet. She suffered in the heat and from a cough from a cold or something the Friday before, twisted her ankle and walked part of the two miles, but still came in in the top six. 

Thursday all I did was go for our walk and go out to lunch with retired teacher friends from my old school staff. The rest of the day I sat on the patio and read. Yay me!

Now it's Friday. We have gone to our usual Friday morning breakfast with Tom's former staff members, and finished our exercise walk. Then I grabbed my camera for a few garden photos so I had something to pretty up my post. 

The Korean dogwoods are in full bloom now, the native dogwoods being long past bloom time. 
 We have two trees, one in the back yard and one in the front. 

 This one in front is what I can look down on from our home office window as I sit here at the desk top computer. 

Speaking of desk tops, Tom has his genealogy charts spread all over next to me. It's 1:00, time for lunch. I'll putter in the yard a bit after lunch and then go back to finishing my book. No doubt Tom will be here at the computer entering data and finding more on his newest Swedish Archive site. 

Slowing down these last few days has been great. We'll be doing more of it! 


  1. The variety in your gardens just seem endless. The roses took my breath away -- so beautiful!

  2. It is fun to hear about ordinary days too. I imagine a lot of us find it interesting to compare how different people spend their retirement days. I think a slow day for you would be a busy day for me sometimes. You always have such beautiful photographs, especially those roses and dogwoods! I'm happy to hear your eye is better!

  3. I didn't realize you hadn't posted for awhile. I always look forward to your flower pictures and your gardens you visit. Glad to see you're back doing the same old same old. And Irene is a rock star! :-)

  4. sounds wonderful to take it easier for awhile. Glad you are healing from your bee sting...and enjoying your lovely garden/yard and reading!

  5. You have great blooms as a result of all the hard work. It's time to relax a bit.

  6. You grow the most amazing Roses!!
    It seems to be a great year for Foxgloves. I have them popping up in all sorts of places and I don't have the heart to pull any out. Hence my disorganized garden.

  7. How very gorgeous it all looks. I’m sorry to learn of a sting. Keep writing.

  8. Kudos to Irene for gutting out the race. That girl has grit. Glad you sting has healed. That really took a long time.

  9. Your roses are beautiful! I'm relieved your sting is better. Our weather has been wonderful, but I do wish some rain would come back. I don't like that I have to start watering this early in the season.

  10. Well it is certainly now heaven at your place.

  11. Your roses are beautiful! Sorry to hear you got stung I am behind on my blog reading off to catch up with you now:)

  12. Did you update your wisteria arbor? SO beautiful! Your normal days are so busy and wonderful.

    1. yes. the previous header was a pic from last year. the update is from this year. Now it is all fading already. Sad.

  13. Roses and fox gloves! Aren't they beautiful! If I had your garden, I would feel like there was always something to post. I grew a fox glove once and mama thought it was the prettiest flower she had ever seen. It never came back and I've never tried growing them again.

  14. Nice to hear that you spent some time sitting and enjoying your garden, a marvelous place full of daily wonders.


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