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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Another Two-Day Project

Tom continues to find outdoor projects. Today he presented me with photos of his latest completion, which he worked on the last two days. 
 Unfortunately he took the photos with his phone, in the vertical orientation, and emailed them to my computer, where I edited them, and even though they are edited to be posted correctly, for some reason Blogger and our iPhones have not resolved this battle of wills. The photos come out sideways, no matter what I have tried. 
My iPhone is set up to send my photos directly to my computer, so I can usually get them to behave, but not these. So I went back outside to capture the project with my Nikon, but it was getting dark, and my photos are not as good as his, but you don't need to tip over to see them.

Long ago we planted native sword ferns in this terraced bed outside the dining room window, under the cedar tree. 

Over the years the cedar duff has piled up, and this is an area we don't water much, so the ferns were getting weak and spindly. 

Tom has a bunch of Alaska ferns that he raised from layering. Alaska ferns make babies all along their fronds that can be rooted. 
He decided to replace the sword ferns with Alaska ferns. 

He dug out a deep layer of cedar duff and spread that on a path. He removed the sword ferns and potted them up to grow on, eventually for another spot in the garden. 
Then he planted the Alaska ferns. 

Looks good. He says he will also be installing another drip system here to bring occasional water, since our droughts are getting hard on even native plants. 

He hasn't decided on his next project, but he knows that by next weekend it will involve Christmas lights. 


  1. It’s wonderful Tom still has the energy and flexibility to do these projects.

  2. Those Alaskan ferns are very attractive. And they sound perfect for our shady back yard! I'm always glad to see what you grow because we're not that far North of you.

  3. There are times when placing photos on posts can be most frustrating. However, I see what he's doing.

  4. Thank you, I was getting a crick in my neck. Wow, I love ferns and really like what he has done.

  5. I like the look of those Alaska ferns. One more fern type I think I can identify. :-)

  6. Nice work, Tom! It looks good now and will be even better once it fills in.


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