Thursday, November 29, 2018

Early Christmas Present

We have been talking about it being time to replace our twenty year old recliners.  The rocker feature has squeaked for years. The fabric is worn. My chair is sort of lopsided.

We bought our old chairs from La-Z-Boy when they had a sale, two chairs for the price of one, when I had just returned to a certified teaching job after years working as a low paid classified employee. It was our first splurge. 

Now La-Z-Boy was having a Black Friday sale, that would last through Monday. By Monday afternoon we had time to go look. We knew when we left home that we were prepared to make a purchase.  And we did.

Tom picked the new chairs up in our van Tuesday morning. He brought grandson Isaac over Tuesday afternoon to help move the new chairs in and load the old chairs in the van. We'll see if we can donate them anywhere.

Our old chairs were beige. This time we went for color. They are "Luscious Burgundy". :-)
We have been enjoying our evening TV time in comfort in our new chairs.

Merry Christmas to us!

PS - Goodwill took our old chairs!)


  1. Very pretty. I’m glad you gave Laz-Z-Boy your business. I’m pretty sure their profits are down since Bob died. I have enough recliners to open a store.

  2. Hubby needed a new computer printer and the computer store had several left from Black Friday sales as did the local office supply store. We were able to get a good Hewlett Packard model for 69.00 which included $25.00 of ribbon!!

  3. Not ribbon...cartridges. Old age kicking in.

  4. Great ! You deserve a good chair to relax in.

  5. Oh, I really like your new chairs! Beautiful color!

  6. Those new recliners look comfortable enough to fall asleep in!

  7. Linda and Tabor (comments above) cracked me up.

    The new chairs look very inviting. I like the color. Extra bonus that you could donate the old chairs.

  8. They look just wonderful! Congratulations on your purchase. :-)

  9. God rest ye merry, Reeders! Tidings of comfort and joy. A great early Christmas present!

  10. Wow, they look so comfortable and you two deserve a good place to sit down and relax with all the work you do.

  11. Glad for your new furniture and that Goodwill can use them
    Looking forward to delivery of new loveseat and couch recliners
    We are working with Love take the loved but in reasonably good shape old set
    Merry Christmas to All


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