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Saturday, January 19, 2019

An Anniversary, And Other Stuff

Was it just two years ago that Tom and I joined more that 130,000 people locally, and millions worldwide for the first Women's March? We were jubilant that day, reacting en mass to the inauguration of Donald Trump, signaling our determination to resist and persist. 

Much has happened in those two years, some of it good, much of it bad. Among the good, women are still persisting. This evening we are going to see the movie "On The Basis Of Sex", the biopic about RBG, to commemorate this anniversary. 

As I write this post, women are again marching, but we did not join them. My walking is more limited these days. However I am still walking, trying to get in a two mile walk most days.

This morning we walked in the neighborhood, as usual. With my partner at my side and classic rock music on my iPod, I did my best to be in the moment, to appreciate the chilly, blustery, fresh day, another day when the rain didn't materialize, and not dwell on my stiff back and complaining joints. 

It's fun to watch the dogs and their owners play in the dog park as we walk. 
 The clouds are thin, with now and then a ray of sun breaking through. 

Here at home the walls keep going higher. Work goes on every day, from dark to dark. 

Meanwhile we await the latest announcement from that man who sits in our White House, as we squabble over that other wall, while hundreds of thousands of federal employees go without pay, and immigrants continue to be abused at the border. 

Post Script: "On the Basis of Sex" is a very good movie. But more, it is an important movie. It left me feeling both happy and angry; happy that we have had someone like Ruth Bader Ginsburg championing women's rights, happy that we have come a long way, and angry that we still have a long way to go before we can really say we have equal rights and opportunities not  just for women but for all affected groups. 


  1. I haven't heard that there's a Women's March here on Oahu. I would like to see that movie too. She is an amazing person. That's quite a home going up. I'm enjoying seeing the progress though. I hope it's really pretty so you at least have something nice to look at.

  2. I've heard that movie is good, I hope you enjoy it. I also hope when those enormous houses are finished that you at least get some good neighbors. I'm glad to hear you're still walking.

  3. I got out of bed this morning and my ankle gave way. For no known reason. Anyway, I took an Ibuprofen and after breakfast we walked as usual...a little slower maybe but I did it.
    I imagine that the house that will go up beside us will be about the same size as your neighbouring one. I wish they'd get on with it so once I'm out there in the garden the loudest stages will be done. Mind, dry wallers and roofers are known to have large boom boxes that they turn up nice and loud.

  4. happy anniversary...sorry your walking is getting more difficult. My walks are quite limited in length but try to do it most days.

  5. I feel for you. Those looming walls are downright depressing. I am a big fan of RBG. She is a brilliant warrior.

  6. I loved the documentary about RBG. I'll try to see this movie when I can. We went to see "Upside" today, which was quite good. :-)

  7. That there was controversy around the march saddened me. That the news is entirely consumed with controversy saddens me even more.

  8. Oh my goodness, how high are those monsters going to loom over your garden? Yikes. Time to plant a fast-growing hedge!


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