Greetings from Seattle

Friday, January 11, 2019


The walls are going higher, the dentist listened, and my front garden is filled with fragrance. 

We're not sure what this tall structure is on the side wall of the house alongside the back yard, perhaps a stairwell, but it gives us an idea of the height of the finished house, plus the roof, of course. We were happy to note that there don't seem to be any windows staring right at our patio on the first floor. 

The work is beginning on the second story of the front house. These guys work from 7:00 am to about 6:00 pm, in the dark on both ends of the day, banging lumber and rat-a-tatting nails. 
 The days are getting longer, especially when we have clear skies and sunshine, like we are having now for a few days.  We won't be seeing  much of the sunset much longer. 
Many of you mentioned zoning. In our city of SeaTac, between Seattle and Tacoma, and surrounding the Seattle-Tacoma airport, the goal is all about density. Intrusion of existing property is not an issue for the city planners. 

I went to the dentist today, Friday, for the scheduled cleaning. I had called the clinic two days ago, insisted that the receptionist repeat her greeting until I could understand her, expressed dissatisfaction with not being able to talk to the dentist, ( I think I mentioned that he had not even introduced himself)  and said I must speak with him when I came in. It turns out he is only in this clinic on Fridays, and I was assured that he would speak with me.  

When I arrived, the receptionist was friendlier and knew my name. I asked the assistant her name, and we chatted in a friendly manner. The hygienist introduced herself and was chatty. I think my persistence is paying off.  

The dentist came in and I told him my concerns about the tooth sensitivity. We will see how it is in two weeks when I go back to get the permanent crown and have more work done. It is an ongoing process. I feel better about it. The dentist even touched my shoulder in reassurance.  It's OK to insist. 

As I was walking out in the yard this afternoon, a lovely fragrance wafted in the air. The sarcococca in front of the house had opened it's tiny flowers in the sun. It reached 61 degrees today! Lovely. I picked a few sprigs to bring into the house.
 The snowdrops are happy to not have to pop up through snow. 

And to top off a busy but lovely day, there is crab for dinner. 

Dungeness crab season is finally here! Yum.


  1. yummy food to eat and progress? in your neighborhood.

  2. I'm so sorry those houses are going up so close to your house. Good job for making progress with the dental office! Those flowers are lovely!

  3. I feel better about the dentist, as I'm sure you do too. That house is definitely going to be an eyesore. I'm not a fan of crab, but that sure does look tasty. :-)

  4. Noooo about the sunset. Great job being persistent with the dentist and hope this is soon behind you.

  5. I'm glad those folks at the dentist office are friendlier now. Makes a world of difference, doesn't it? That meal looks delicious! You make everything look so pretty and so special.

  6. Our youngest son is a carpenter and starts work at 7. I asked him how they could see enough to work. Apparently they put up lights. ( His work is almost exclusively on barns. BIG barns.)
    Construction on the very big house next door will begin very soon. I am NOT looking forward to the noise.

  7. Our neighbors have built a HUGE pole barn across the street. We don't have to look at it all the time. I am glad of that. I hate that your sunsets are compromised. It is good that your protests and concerns are being addressed.

  8. City planners have no vision. Very sad for those of us who appreciate beauty.

  9. Good to hear that the dentist office is listening to you. Hope your new neighbors are pleasant!

  10. Sorry your views are being changed by big houses.

  11. I'm glad your persistence with the dentist paid off! Sorry about those huge houses. On the bright side, if they're working this hard now, the noisiest part of the building should be done by the time you'll want to be sitting outside more often.

  12. That is going to be a huge house. I'm glad there aren't any windows looking out at you though.

    That is a fabulous looking crab dinner.


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