Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Weekend Beauty, Part 2, Sunday

Sunday dawned chilly, but sunny. Since we had a 12:30 soccer match at the stadium in the city, we decided to take the Link light rail in early and walk down to the Pike Place Market for brunch.  The Athenian Restaurant is located right in the market, amid the produce and flower stalls, all of which cling to the hillside overlooking Elliot Bay. 

By 10:30 we were seated at a table with a view.

Washington State ferries shuttled back and forth across the sound to islands and the Kitsap Peninsula.
The Olympic Mountains are still snow topped in the background. 
Tom had a crab frittata. He said it was very good. I had eggs, bacon, and french toast. I like conventional breakfast food. 
We didn't have much time to linger in the market, but I did have to stop to  admire all of the tulips in one of the nearby flower stalls. 

Thanks for all of the beauty, ladies. 
And then we walked and rode the rails back to the stadium, where the sky of blue and the field of green echo the Sounder colors. 
It was a very intense, exciting, and entertaining match, against the top team in the league right now, and the Sounders played them to a 1-1 draw. We took our time following the crowds out of the stadium and treated ourselves to coffee at Starbucks before catching the Link back home.

Then I needed to work off some tension and some calories, so I went outside to work when I got home at 4:00. I have been working on re-digging the lawn edges, and I got this bed done before quitting about 6:00 to go make some supper. 

Most of the lower lawn us done now, and looking sharp. 
And our King George rhodie is in bloom, and with a delicate, sweet scent, down at the bottom of our garden. 

Spring in Puget Sound country is glorious. 


  1. No wonder that my daughter in Seattle doesn't miss Hawaii all that much! Gorgeous!

  2. Love those pretty bouquets. And yes, this weather is simply glorious! :-)

  3. That day took a major amount of effort.

  4. All those gorgeous flowers!!!
    I realized just a minute ago that I had never actually pressed 'Follow" so now I am officially following your blog.
    Better late than never, I suppose.

  5. It truly is! While we're still getting chilly weather and even a bit of snow, it's so nice to be able to visit your blog and see the garden. :)

  6. How very beautiful! The blue sky and blue water with the Olympic Mountains in the background is breathtaking. I want to go there! I was scrolling down looking at the pictures of your yard thinking you were at another nursery, then realized. it's your place. It is so pretty! It is just perfect. I love it!

  7. You always know how to get the most out of a day. Full, fun and rewarding. Great job edging.

  8. You do pack a lot into a day!

  9. Your yard shows off all your hard work, gorgeous spring flowers...

  10. beautiful yard! The raccoons must be gone! :)

  11. We always think Pike's Place must have the most gorgeous flowers of anywhere in the country. What a wonderful day. Your garden is always such a wonder.


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