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Monday, October 7, 2019

A Busy Weekend

Friday was Tom's birthday. We shared a little coffee cake at Friday morning breakfast, although there were few in attendance this week. 
 Friday afternoon found us once again on the sidelines of Irene's JV soccer match. 
 We were blessed with dry, sunny weather.
 Saturday morning was busy cooking and cleaning house and setting up for a birthday celebration on Sunday. Then  we took a little time off to visit a pumpkin patch. 
 A lot of pumpkins were being wheeled out of the patch, but we were there just to enjoy the sunshine, the scene, and to buy a few other things.
 Like some of these gourds for table decorations.
 Don't you just love the oranginess of piles of pumpkins? 
 The kettle corn smelled soooo good, but we resisted. 
 We aren't going to be home much this week so I'll have to come back for branches of Brussels sprouts. 
 I don't make Kraut, but these cabbages are huge. 
 We did buy a couple of squashes. 

 Sunday morning we finished prepping for that evening's dinner, and then at 10:45 we were off to the train to go into the city for the final regular season Sounders match. We did the march to the match at 12:00, something we have not done for a while. It was another beautiful day, not warm, but sunny and dry. At the stadium we ate our hot dog and popcorn lunch on the upper concourse "room with a view". 
 The crowd was big and buzzing with anticipation.
 Tom and I were in full gear. 
 Were were blessed with a victory, and as the second place team in the Western Division, home field advantage in the playoffs in two weeks.
 And then back home, we gathered from the Sounders match, Isaac's soccer match, and those watching from home, to celebrate the twins' birthdays. Food and fun conversations were shared, and, of course, there was cake!
Happy birthday, Tom and Jan.

This morning we are packing up and heading for the Oregon coast for a few days. If you don't hear from me, that's why. No Internet at our cabin, but we will have phones and Facebook. We might see you there. 


  1. Looks like a very perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Enjoy some time on the coast.

  2. how fun, never seen how brussel sprouts grow!

  3. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! Yay!!! What an excellent way to celebrate a birthday.

  4. Great pictures of that pumpkin patch, and all those yummy looking veggies. Congratulations on your win! And happy birthday to Tom :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan too! What a nice outing to a pumpkin colorful! I think Irene is getting taller! :)

  6. That's what you call a busy weekend. Happy birthday to Tom .

  7. Happy Birthday to Tom (and Jan)!

    I have to comment on the price of cauliflower, even with the exchange rate, that would a great price here in Canada. I sure wish we had markets like that here. The photos of the pumpkin and all the other vegetables are lovely.

  8. Happy birthday to Jan and Tom!!

    Have a great time on the Oregon coast. Hope you have good weather.

  9. What a fun weekend and no doubt more fun to come.

  10. Happy Birthday Tom and Jan. Looks like you had a fun day to celebrate. Love pumpkins--orange is favorite color. Congrats on the Sounder's win and hope they keep it going.


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