Monday, September 30, 2019


The pumpkins are out at the Safeway store.
I reused some old fake flowers and an older grape vine wreath from the attic to create this year's wreath by the front door. 

Inside, dried hydrangeas are taking the place of most of the fresh flower arrangements.

There are still enough fresh flowers in the garden for a kitchen table bouquet, but the hail storm last Friday pretty much did most of them in.
The Autumn tub came out of the attic and the fireplace is decorated. 

 The two oldies here are from Tom's mother's childhood, glass candy jars c. 1910. Her father, Tom's grandfather, created that beaded figure in the gold frame.
Gourds by my great grandmother's clock.
Old paper cutouts salvaged from the storeroom of Tom's old kindergarten room are pinned here and there.

Spiders are decorating OUTSIDE.
We have had some very unsettled weather lately, so the wind has announced that the messy season is beginning under the cedar trees. 
When we have been able to get outside, we have begun the fall clean up. Perennials have been cut back and annuals pulled. Oil cloths and umbrellas have been removed from the patio. 

 This bed is ready for the tulip bulbs which should be arriving soon from the Skagit Valley. 
Tom has been moving tender plants into the greenhouse. More will follow. 

Today was one of the few sunny days in the forecast so I got out and "picked" all of the glass flowers and got them washed up. They will be stored in the attic. 

There are still a few things blooming in the garden.

 The autumn crocus were squashed flat by the rain and hail.

The very first hints of color are showing on the dogwood and the maple tree seeds. 

 When I get back from my daily walks, Charlie is happy to join me on the patio and soak up a bit of warmth from the weakening sun. 
We've been busy, but it's a good busy. We are transitioning into fall. October is here. 


  1. You have some very pleasant decorations for your house. Yes, fall is a time with lots to do.

  2. I like all the Fall decorations you've put up.
    I'm amazed to see a Primrose blooming at this time of the year!!

  3. I do love seeing your garden in all its seasons. You are definitely in the spirit of the holiday. I see only a few homes here decorated for Halloween unlike what our village in Illinois was like.

  4. It seems early for October, but that's what the calendar says. Love your pretty decorations, and Charlie sure looks happy. :-)

  5. Happy October!
    You do an impressive decorating for the season -- spooky cheery.

  6. So glad those cutouts found a good home at your house. Love them. Your garden looks great no matter the season--just different. Charlie sure looks content. I can almost hear him purr.

  7. I love fall, we even had to put a blanket on our bed last night and the air conditioner didn't come on all night...Our high temp was in the 70s HURRAH!

  8. You have been busy. I like all of your indoor decorations. I might even be inspired to get some fall things out. It is still 90 here today. Supposedly this endless summer is to fall away tomorrow. I surely hope so. We need a good rain too. I hope that is in store for us sometime soon even tho they aren't predicting any. You are brave having all of those glass flowers in the garden. I am such a klutz I would probably break them either putting them out or pulling weeds around them.

  9. I leave many of my glass flowers outside year round, they look pretty in the snow. You have many interesting Fall decorations! :)


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