Greetings from Seattle

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

It's Autumnal Around Here

After some busy days outside, we have light rain today, a good day for a change of pace.

It's the middle of October already, and we are doing October things. This morning we got our flu shots at our local Kaiser clinic. We took some Styrofoam to the Recology Store to recycle and stopped in at Birds Unlimited to buy bird seed. The chickadees are happy. We went to Fred Meyer to buy some more flower bulbs: a few daffodils, crocus, and alliums. Those will be added to the big tulip bulb order we received from the Skagit Valley.

Over the past four or five days we got all of the tulips planted and that meant cleaning out some flower beds first.
In the spring this area will look like this.
We cleaned and planted bulbs in other areas too.

The maple trees and dogwoods are beginning to color up.

 The cedars are dropping old needles and the golden carpet beneath them is forming. 
Tom is taking down the vegetable and cut flower garden.
A few things are blooming, though, like these Monkshood.

 and hardy cyclamen. 
and roses.
Tom can't throw anything away, so as we clean out beds, he saves and pots up stuff, like these Lady's Mantle. When he's not noticing, I throw away the ones I dig. 
He has a project in mind for on top of the wall, a cold frame for overwintering his hardy plants. The lumber is in the garage and the plan is in his head. Non'hardy plants will go into the greenhouse, which is filling up. 
Charlie is beginning to get fluffy again. He'll need his woolly coat to keep warm since he is an outdoor cat, as much as he sits and begs to come in. But mostly he is looking to see if he can get another hand out. Don't tell his owners, but he does get fed lunch here most days. We are friends, after all. 


  1. Ah, Tom is a man after my own heart. I pot up everything too. Fortunately, I have a daughter-in-law to ship plants to now.

  2. When you say clean up you really mean it. It looks like you're ready for winter.

  3. Charlie knows you are easy! Your gardens looks great...especially for Fall!

  4. how fun, seasons change and rituals fall coolness and colors!

  5. Your garden is getting that winterish look. Good for you gize getting the bulbs planted. I wish I had some of those Lady Mantles. They just don't like my garden. I think it is too dry for them. They always start out looking good but then our hot dry summers take them out. Don't work too hard. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Your garden is a feast for the eyes in every season, Linda!

  7. What a beautiful place you have, LInda. It looks so good, but I know it must take lots and lots of work.

  8. Love all the color you still have in your garden. Fall colors are to me just as pretty. Charlie has you trained so well. He is a handsome fella.

  9. Your garden is lovely in each season.

  10. Your yard is so neat and tidy. All ready for winter. My yard is mostly messy but we're slowly getting things cut down/ pulled out.

  11. I will be in Seattle for a couple of days next week after a workshop in Ashland, Oregon. Looks like it is getting chilly but not quite cold and so I am packing rather light. Will have my daughter take me to Trader Joes, Ikea, and maybe a pot shop out of curiosity.

  12. I look forward to seeing your header open. It's always so pretty and most of the time, breathtaking. And, I love the beauty and order in your yard and gardens. Couldn't help but laugh about Tom keeping all the plants and potting them. That's me!! I feel sorry for every little sprig and have to give it a chance to live. It's crazy, and probably driving me crazy.

  13. The color in your yard is simply lovely. The close up shot of the leaves took my breath away.


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