Friday, August 21, 2020

Late Summer Bounty

 Earlier this week we had a hankerin' for some good, fresh corn on the cob. We decided to make a "field" trip to Carpinito's Produce Stand in the Kent Valley. Yay. Escape from the house!

We found corn.

A mountain of it!  We just bought four ears, two we had that night, and two we'll have today. It was so fresh and so good that first night.

Then of course we had to see what else was there.

We bought one of these big, beautiful heads of cauliflower. 

We bought the smallest watermelon we could find. At home we cut up half of it into chunks and have a big bowl on it in the refrigerator, ready to just grab a few chunks for a snack, or to add to a meal. 
We bought a bunch of beets and beet greens. We had them for dinner last night. We both love the beet greens and the beets, a real treat. 
I bought one cup of blackberries, and made them last a few days, adding some to  breakfast cereal and my lunch yogurt. 
We bought a couple of nectarines too. They are easy to get from the grocery store and we usually have a couple ripening on the kitchen counter during August. They are also really good with yogurt. 
I just got back from my first real walk, other than just walking around the house and yard. I walked up to the Safeway store to deposit a card in the blue USPS mail box. Yes, it's still there. It was only about eight blocks round trip, and I'm still walking like an old person, but it felt like an accomplishment. 


  1. Boy do you make me wish we had such a delightful farmer's market. Just amazing choices. Now I want fresh corn.
    Interesting that the mail box was still there. Maybe we stopped him in time.

  2. We finally found fresh corn when we went to Eastern WA last weekend. Your market looks amazing.

  3. Beautiful produce! Seattle's bounty. Congrats on your walk - glad to know that you getting better each day.

  4. how fun that's what we did today-went to our local farmers stand and bought seeded watermelon, peaches, pluots, tomatoes, onions, squash, potatoes, etc. $30 worth of fresh food. How to fix dinner!

  5. Good for you, making the 8 block walk!! Obviously you're on the mend at last.
    All that wonderful produce is the best thing about summertime. Now we just have to find some nice fresh corn. I have to have corn on the cob at least once a summer!!

  6. It's a toss up if we go out or not go out. Tomorrow I will go birding for the first time this year.

  7. THe whole point of August is fresh corn on the cob right from the farmer who grew it. And everything else looks pretty yummy, too.

  8. Congratulations on that first walk! And I love all the pictures of such gorgeous veggies. Cauliflowers are pretty in a bunch like that. Now you are making me think about some corn on the cob. :-)

  9. Wow, 8 blocks??? I must get out and walk up and down the street. Love the beautiful fruit and your description of it.

  10. It is okay as long as you are walking! Way to go you are getting stronger! :)

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  12. Good for you girl. I hope you are soon without the back brace and walking all over the place. The market where you purchased your goodies looks like foodland. Yumm.

  13. Good for you, I'm sure it felt good to get back out and walk. Oh my, the variety of the fruit and veg is spectacular. Enjoy!


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