Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Garden Walk

 By Thursday I was ready for a little diversion and a different walking venue. I thought of the nearby Highline Botanical Garden, because I knew I could find trilliums there in early spring. We found more than trilliums to delight the eye and lift the spirit on this sunny day.

Cherry trees in bloom around the community center.
Red flowering currant outside the botanical garden fence. 

Fragrant Edgeworthia still in bloom. 

Color and texture in new growth springing up.

Hellebores along the shady, woodland path. 
And trilliums, here the native kind. 

And here the beautiful red trilliums, for which the progenitor of this garden, Elda Behm, was noted. 

May Apple is popping up near the pond.
I love this filigree of newly forming leaves.

The beautifully crafted steps down to the Japanese Garden.

The pea patches, spaces for rent for raising your own crops, for those folks who don't have their own garden plots. 

And back in the parking lot, more cherry trees.

Our garden walk was a lovely interlude. 


  1. I never tire of your garden walks -- so much beauty in the world just there for the viewing (after someone else does all the work!).

  2. Very nice botanic garden. I like the Japanese garden!
    Nice that you visited Rouen, was it with a cruise?
    I have been living there for many years.

  3. Lovely! All the flowering trees are so pretty.

  4. It's definitely the time of year for garden walks. Since I am south of you, I'm thinking of Lakewold in Lakewood which has numerous rhodies and tulips or the Weyerhaeuser Garden in Federal Way.

  5. wow it's all in bloom and you know the name of all the plants-I'm impressed. Our daughter is driving up to Seattle tomorrow from Phoenix to move their daughter to a new job...amazing place to live!

  6. This is a gorgeous place. I love that gate.

  7. Absolutely lovely! And thank you for the red trillium, I have never seen them before (well, maybe in your garden?).

  8. I have not seen a Red Trillium they are beautiful!

  9. What a perfectly lovely walk. All the blooms, water and looks like you had the place to yourselves. Refreshing.

  10. So much beauty!! And red Trilliums, who knew?

  11. One key word I noticed was fragrance. It must be a very fresh spring like aroma.

  12. I like the layout. Nicely designed and executed.

  13. What a wonderful place to peruse! I was never aware of trilliums until you and DJan mentioned them. I wonder if they will grow in Hawaii.

  14. What an amazing place! Thank you for this breath of spring beauty. You've lifted my spirits.


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