Wednesday, April 28, 2021

April in the Reeder Garden

 As I look at the calendar I see that April is almost over. The expression goes, "April showers bring May flowers." But here in our neck of the woods, so much happens in April. 

Daffodils give way to tulips. Camellias bloom. Leaves pop out of their buds and cover trees. Flowering shrubs blossom. And so here is a look at what's going on in the last two weeks of April in our garden. 

Tulips, camellias, blue bells, carpet of snow.

The primroses don't want to quit. 
Apple blossoms, tulips, heuchera, and feverfew. 

One beautiful bloom on our Bergenia, and the Columbines are starting to bloom. 

The maple trees suddenly have leaves, and there are colorful new leaves on the shrubs. 

We are getting things cleaned up, and refurbished. I just replaced old plants with new Heuchera in these pots. 
Our Full Moon Maple is glowing.

The bloomin' wall is blooming. 
Plants that overwintered in the greenhouse are now getting potted up and learning to live outdoors. Soon they will find their summer homes. 
New purchases await planting.

My next big job will be to rework all of my tender/tropical plants to have them ready for summer on the patio. 
I always enjoy this view as I come through the gate and past the greenhouse/shed. 

All of Tom's bonsai are out from under their winter protection and showing new growth. 
On the kitchen table, flowers are no longer from the grocery store. 
And there you have it, a sampling of lovely April here in our little paradise. 


  1. Wouah! So nice. Congratulations for such a lovely garden!

  2. Glorious! My #3 lives in Seattle and is having a baby in October. I suggested that she come to stay with me in Hawaii for a few months so the baby can be out in warm fresh air for the winter. Her husband is a fisherman who goes off during spring and summer to fish in Alaska so he would enjoy Hawaii's winter as well.

    Seeing this post makes me consider going back with them in the Spring. I don't really like to drive at all when I am in a different city and I don't cook well so I wouldn't be much help to them in those ways, but I do love to garden and taking care of their plants while they are busy taking care of their little one does appeal to me. Seattle in the Spring is fantastic!

  3. Ah yes, April. So far a very dry April so maybe that is why so many flowers are busting out of their britches. I love April and May and then it rains in June---haha.
    Yes I survived my surgery---all went well. Thank you for your concerns.
    Love your Tulip shots in your previous post.
    Love the shots of your yards and brilliant colored flowers.
    I used to do Bonsai. When I worked at Emery's Nursery that was one of the things I did. I had a beautiful Apple tree I did and it bloomed many years and once even had apples on it. My very young grandson took care of it and off it went to the great plant pile in the sky. Sad but it's ok.

  4. Impressive. You've really brought things along so that much of it is in full flower,

  5. Paradise is accurate! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just beautiful your yard shows your love of flowers and tender care!

  7. Everything is looking so good. How I admire the blooming wall!!

  8. You have such an amazing garden. I've said it before, you could charge admission to view it. Thanks for letting us in free.

  9. I am always amazed at your garden in every season, Linda and Tom. But Wow! Your spring garden is spectacular!


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