Friday, July 8, 2022

Everything's Coming Up Roses


The roses are blooming abundantly now, but that expression also means having some good luck.

Last week I had a hearing test, my first one in three years. COVID prevented an earlier exam. The result was that, yes, my hearing is declining, and yes, I really need my hearing aids. Last week the audiologist said I might be ready for new hearing aids.

I called to get an appointment at the Hear Center. That was complicated. It is almost impossible to get a phone number that gets you anything but an automated system. I tried my Kaiser-Permanente numbers. I tried going on line and Googling. That was interesting. I ended up at Capitol Hill, Washington DC and not Capitol Hill, Seattle. We got a good laugh. I persisted. I finally got a person, Andrew, in the right city. Turns out the earliest appointment would be in October, but...there was a cancellation that day if I could be there at 2:00. I could!

I got my hearing aids serviced and the tech advised me that I could easily wait another year for new ones. Good. They are expensive, and even though my insurance now covers about half the cost, it's still a bunch.

I am always getting notices from KP of earlier appoints available, but by the time I see the notice, they are gone. This week I got the notice in time, signed in, and was able to get an appointment with my neurosurgeon for next week instead of next month! I have been waiting for this consultation about the Normal Pressure Hydrocephalies diagnosis for many months, since February really, when I first got the results of the MRI. Do I have it? I don't know. We'll see what the doctor says about doing the spinal drain test. 

Meanwhile our days are full of home jobs. Tom works and I manage to do a little. This week he has washed all 27 windows inside and out. He has pruned the fruit trees and the rest of the big shrubs. He keeps the plants watered and fertilized.   He mowed and edged the lawn. I'm sure there's more but I sort of remember one day at a time. 

Today I planted out the last of the plants in the green house, a small job, took the leaf blower to the front walk and porch and the back patio, and finally got out my blue bottles that I decorate the patio table with. Moving into summer has been slower for me this year. Thank goodness Tom is still so capable. 

Tomorrow morning ( Saturday) I have a Zoom meeting with my HS Class reunion committee. Our reunion is next Saturday down in Oregon near our home town of Molalla.  It's our 60th. We're old now. Will this be our last 10 year reunion? Probably. 

Then we'll leave about 10: 30 for a 1:30 Sounders match. We go early to avoid crowds on the light rail and in the stadium when we arrive. We'll eat lunch there before it gets packed. It's a big rivalry match with Portland and should be fun and exciting. 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and not dwelling too much on all the tragedies going on. We can pay attention, we can care deeply, we can work for a cause, but we can't fix what we have no control over. 

Peace be with you.  


  1. Your flower pictures are such a balm for my tired soul.

  2. Glad you can wait for the hearing aids. My sister says they really are expensive. Also hope you finally find out about NPH. Let us know.
    Tom does windows?? Wow. It is a blessing he is so active and willing. A real keeper.

  3. Your pictures, as usual, are beautiful! I love the cover photo - it exemplifies what I love about the sound!

  4. My hearing is about the same stage as yours. Hearing aides aren't everything but better than nothing. I hope you get good results in your tests.

  5. I do so enjoy seeing the photos of your gardens. The flowers are lovely. I think I say that every time I post but it's true.
    Good luck with your appointment with the neurosurgeon.

  6. Sounds like you're both keeping busy. Nice that you got the appointment with the neurosurgeon for next week . I hope that goes well.

  7. I look forward to hearing what you learn from your appointment next week. Yes, we are definitely growing old, but it's awfully nice to have a dear partner to share your days with. I knew you would be going to the Sounders game when I heard about it. I know there are a lot of people there, but only two that matter to me: you and Tom. Stay safe and fingers crossed for a win!

  8. Sounds like good news with the hearing aids! I hope the Neuro has good news for you too! Wow Tom was really busy, I am sure he appreciates whatever you can do to help out.

  9. You and Tom are a dandy team! The roses and garden are beautiful! Linda in Kansas

  10. Your beautiful home and gardens prove what hard workers you and Tom both have been. The roses are so pretty. Good luck with your appointment next week. Hope you get nothing but good news.

  11. Your garden is a reflection of your good life.

  12. All your flowers are so gorgeous! I love how your garden produces so many beautiful blooms.


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