Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Other Stuff

 While I was busy last week sorting photos and posting blogs and working in the yard, other stuff happened.

I now have lots of appointments in the coming month(s) to investigate those "multi-factors" in the continuing process of diagnosing my ills. 

I have more and more flowers to pick for my kitchen table. 

While I did some yard work last week, this week I'm not. It's too hot. It's currently 89, heading for 94. The air conditioning is keeping the downstairs at a comfortable 75. Sleeping upstairs requires box fans and open windows. 

We made a trip to Whidbey Island on Thursday to spend time with Jill's in laws, who are visiting from Colorado. 

There was breakfast out on Friday as usual. 

On Saturday we went with our garden club to three open gardens and then out to lunch. I was in charge of organizing. Everything went well. I did a lot of walking.

I had time to rest up before heading off to the Sounders match Saturday evening. It was a lovely summer evening. We won! 

By Sunday it was warming up. I did my PT and posted my last Oregon blog. It was too long. A new member to our garden club wanted to see our garden so we gave her the tour. Well, Tom did. 

Monday was laundry and house work day. I didn't do much house work but I did keep up with the laundry. 

Today was PT day again and we had another garden visitor.  I ate lunch outside but then it got too hot.  I do love sitting on my patio in the shade for summer lunches. There is greenness and flowers and gentle breezes. And Charlie Cat. 

The tomatoes are tall! First sign of ripening on a cherry tomato. Peppers are setting. 

It's time to go back downstairs where it is cooler. See ya' later. 


  1. Your garden amazes me every time I see it!

  2. None of your shrubs/flowers seem to be unduly affected by the heat. We can only hope that this heat wave will not last much longer.

  3. At this age heat has really slowed me down. I wait until it's cooler to get things done.

  4. Your yard is so lovely, and the area with the seats in the midst of the lush green looks so peaceful. I hope there is some relief from the heat soon. Good luck with all of your appointments.

  5. That is a gorgeous bouquet of your garden flowers in the first photo and your two seating areas outside look very inviting. That red umbrella really pops with joy, and I hope your appointments offer solutions and good news.

  6. Your yard is so very inviting.

  7. Your gardens and yard are all looking good! Stay cool, I thought of you this morning when I saw the weather map. :)

  8. You make the best arrangements. You have the talent and the flowers.
    Sorry you are getting some of this ugly heat also and glad you have a place to go to get out of it.
    Your garden reeks of abundance. Amazing.

  9. All those flowers in your very own yard! JEALOUS!!

  10. I would love to go on a garden tour in your yard. Love your flower arrangements!


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