Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Another Bang Up Fourth

 By the time we arrived at the brunch hosted by friends on the Normandy Park parade route, I had too many layers on. The cool, cloudy weather was clearing and becoming a lovely, mild, mostly sunny day. We ate too much of all of the potluck goodies and then assembled street side for the parade.

The parade, a community affair, was mostly cars this year, one horse, and lots of candy tossing. Of course we "elders" like to see the cars of our youth.

And there it is, my first car, a 1964 Chevy Impala. Mine was white and a hard top.

Since we would go to the Cove, a community beach park,  after the parade, and I couldn't walk that far this year, I hitched a ride on Gus the Bus as Jill and crew brought up the tail end of the parade. 

Gus is very popular with a certain age set (old). I had a good time tossing candy to kids and flashing the peace sign for what was left of the parade route. There were lots of smiles and waves. 

The kid crew before the parade. Isaac brought friends.

At the Cove after the parade.

Jill, Irene, Allie, the cousin from Nebraska, and Isaac.
Tom and I returned home about 12:30. Tom napped and I caught up on all things electronic. About 4:00 we were on the freeway headed south to Gig Harbor, and food and fireworks at SIL Jan's house.
There was pretty much non-stop eating here. We had to call a halt for about an hour before we could eat pie. 
There were no commercial fireworks in Henderson Bay this year, but Jill brought some and all around the shore there were constant eruptions of bangs and booms and sparkles in the air.
First, Nature put on a show. 

Then, with fireworks going of all around, we did sparklers. Me too.

Jill's venue
And Jill's big booms and sparkles. 

And the moon added to the show,

It was another well celebrated bang up 4th of July.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with your family. Love Gus the bus!

  2. Was delighted to see Gus the Bus again. That is one cool vehicle. What a great day you all enjoyed. Jill put on quite a show.

  3. Love the moon with no clouds and nice fireworks. Linda in Kansas

  4. Pretty darn perfect, with great photos to treasure for posterity. Everyone looks great!

  5. Well, that was a busy day. Great shots of the fire works.

  6. Irene has really gotten more beautiful as she matures. Very beautiful woman. Loved all of your shots of the festivities and am glad you had such a great time. Gigi Hawaii

  7. Wow! What a happy day for you and your beautiful family, Linda. These are gorgeous photos!


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