Thursday, July 28, 2022

Slow Days

 You know it's a slow day when the highlight is shopping at Costco. We bought cherries!

At $4.00 a pound they are expensive, but as the package says, they are Nature's Candy!

Tom picked our small but delicious crop of Marion Berries. 

Summer fruits are wonderful.

On our way to Costco Wednesday morning we voted. 

Yes, we used the drop box that our Republican leadership is trying so hard to malign. We vote by mail here, or in drop boxes, and it is all perfectly safe, except maybe for the "surveillance" teams of Republicans who wanted to make sure we weren't dumping buckets of ballots in the box. How could we? We only get one each. Anyway the Sec. of State told them to knock it off. Voter intimidation.

It continues to be hot here.

This was yesterday afternoon. Today is about the same, and on until maybe a bit cooler on Sunday. I got my PT done and a shopping trip at Safeway.

Charlie/Mewdini is not very happy. He seems to want more attention, and his "Wrackp" (or something like that - it is definitely not a Meow) says "My dish is empty. So what if you already gave me a treat this morning. I want more.!"
Heat can make you cranky if you don't take it slow. 


  1. I smiled at Mewdini's look of obvious dissatisfaction. I feel much the same in this heat, We are at 88° here in Bellingham but it's not bad when you're in the shade. :-)

  2. Those cherries look delicious and so do the Marion berries ( which look just like blackberries. I wonder if the taste is similar).

  3. Congrats on voting. Wish we had drop boxes and mail in voting..
    Charlie is so cute and really has you trained.
    Stay cool.

  4. Cherries are one of my favorites. They're four bucks a pound here too. Ans it's too hot.

  5. It is also hot here but not in the 90's. And we have our wonderful tradewinds to make us happy.

  6. I bought cherries the other day at Safeway, just under $5 a pound. But they're so good I can't resist.
    Mewdini has mastered the "purrfect" look of indignation.

  7. Cherries were 7.99 a pound when they first came out here, now they are down to 5 something. I bought some both times...we like cherries like you said natures candy. Hope you are staying cool!

  8. I do love cherries too. Hmmm... I know they're even more expensive in Hawaii, but you've tempted me. I sure hope it starts to cool off for you all.


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