Friday, February 17, 2023

Good Stuff

 Costco had a very good price on fresh Dungeness crab yesterday so we bought lots. Irene isn't available to help us eat it so we had a crab feed yesterday and we'll have another one tomorrow. YUM! Too bad we have to eat it all ourselves. 

The furnace guy returned yesterday to check for the leak in the refrigerant. He found it in the the coils of the main furnace unit. It will cost about $2400, which is lots better that the $11,000 for a new heat pump.

As I am having more and more difficulty because of my hips, back, and knee, it was time to put the elevated toilet risers back in place. I will need them after the hip surgery anyway. "Going" is a lot easier now. 

Life seems to take up a lot of my time these days, but I do need some extra activity now and then. I got my sewing machine back out, and my box of scraps, and I'm testing my spatial sense in creating some more quilt squares. I am finding directions for cutting on line and some directions for piecing. My hands are much more clumsy now but I am having fun creating with color. 

One done, one in progress.

Now I'm off to an appointment with my new primary care physician. So far this week I've had a podiatrist appointment, a blood draw, and a hair cut appointment. More to come.  


  1. Glad to see you've started quilting again. That looks like so much fun, and your appointment calendar is definitely on the full side. I got a haircut, too, and it had gone up by $10 since the last one! Sigh.

  2. Hope you are having fun with the fabric! Well that was kinda good news about the it could have been worse but better too! I like our one appointment weeks that is plenty. ;)

  3. We do slow down and there's no sense getting frustrated over it.

  4. I can see you are having fun being creative with fabric. You have a lot of medical and other appointments going on, it sometimes still surprises me how busy retirement can be.

  5. Crab is very good! These days I am very painful like you, knees and back I try to keep going but it is difficult. The coming week will start my appointments I have to take a taxi to go to Rouen clinic which will take me a lot of time.
    I did patchwork in the past it is a nice thing to do to keep you busy. I did some painting to keep me busy lol 😆!

  6. Good news on the furnace, that the leak was located and the cost isn't as prohibitive as it may have been.
    The patchwork is so pretty - I'm incapable of cutting on a straight line, or sewing on one either for that matter. Good luck with all of your appointments.

  7. I am missing small quilting projects. We are starting to spend the long and torturous process of finding out about Don's (seemingly) sudden onset of aches and pains. We know bursitis in his heels, but then his leg started to throb to the point it even gave out on him and he hit the ground. Now the pain has traveled to hip and knee. We went to the ER and he was given a CAT scan and some pain medication and a referral to a doctor for follow up.

  8. Gosh! I haven't had fresh crab in such a long time and I do love crab. I think the last time we had fresh crab was in Maryland, but it was a blue crab that our son introduced us too. I must say aging comes with new challenges. I'm walking around with a right knee brace right now and wonder how long before my left knee starts to act up. I hope you can get some relief very soon.


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