Saturday, February 11, 2023

Now and Almost

 There was sunshine in my yard while I was out there yesterday afternoon. I was checking up on the progress of Spring. 

Tulips and daffodils are emerging. 

There are lots of buds forming on the primroses. 

In the back yard some of Tom's collection of cyclamen, the winter blooming ones, are blooming.

The flowers are so bright and pretty and the leaves have such wonderful patterns and colors.

I found Tom out working in the garden, of course. This time he was pruning hydrangeas. 

The white camelia will bloom soon.
Yay! The sunshine opened up the snowdrops!

And the first hellebores are finally open now.  

Others are almost. 
Jake was here for lunch yesterday. He is on vacation this week and was been skiing with his cousin at Mt Baker, spent some time on Whidbey Island, and he's skiing today near Mt Rainier. 

Charlie/Mewdini came for lunch yesterday too, and for lots of stroking attention while I was outside. 

The sun is shining brightly again today, but Tom informs me it isn't warm. I'll check it out for myself this afternoon. 


  1. You have Spring! Your flowers are already pretty!

  2. So beautiful! I have yet to see a flower blooming, but I have sure seen signs of tulips and daffies coming up! Love your pics. :-)

  3. How nice to be along as you emerge from winter!

  4. Some hellebores are in bloom, but unfortunately some died during the too hot summer. The rhododendrons will be soon blooming and camélias. Daffodils are pointing out but it is still cold and sunny 😎 !

  5. So lovely! Welcome almost spring.

  6. The flower header is gorgeous!

  7. That is the sweetest looking kitty. I would love to hold him. There is so much beauty in your yard all year long. It is so amazing. I love your long shadow. We have had a lot of rain lately. Got an inch and a half just yesterday. Today the sun came back and it was so beautiful.

  8. Saw the first flower in the flowerbed yesterday - a dandelion! Too early for anything else in Kansas

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos of the arriving spring!! Not in Colorado yet. Expecting 6-12 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. My daffodils get snowed on about five times each year and they are not even peeping through the ground yet so......a lot more to come of winter here.

  10. I've always loved cyclamen though I don't have it here in Hawaii.
    I'm working on blog posts now for when we leave on our trip to the British Isles. No easy.


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