Saturday, June 10, 2023


 We finally had a little rain over the last two days, not a lot, but steady dripping, allowing the greenness around us to refresh and set the garden to glowing. 

I didn't venture out very far, just standing under the dripping cedar tree to take these photos from the patio. 

Some of you wanted me to be sure to tell you what award Irene got, and that is another case of "glowing". 

Irene earned the Scholar Athlete Award, just one of 21 in her class of 500 to receive this medal for a GPA of 3.75+ and a varsity letter her senior year. 

Her name is engraved on the back. 

Then Friday she was off to her last day of high school. They had a catered breakfast, did a walk through in their caps and gowns of the adjacent elementary and middle schools, where the little kids had made posters for them, and then  a final assembly, followed by graduation practice and hangout time. In the evening she attended a pool party. 

I know all of this because I called her up this morning about 11:00 and found her still in bed. She talked to me anyway. I have a hunch she will do quire a bit of sleeping until her graduation ceremony on Thursday. Gotta' keep that glow!

One of my readers wanted to know about the blood pressure med I have been prescribed. It is metoprolol and its purpose is to slow my heart rate a bit. I have mild/moderate mitral valve stenosis now and slowing the heart rate will allow time for the left ventricle to fill more before pumping out. (diastolic filling) That ventricle has been decreasing in size due to lower blood volume with each pump. So, while I am long past my glowing stage, I do want to keep in ticking. 


  1. We got close to half an inch of rain here, much needed and appreciated. Your "glowing" plants look so happy now, and that picture of Irene getting her award is wonderful. She's grown into a very beautiful person. And I am glad to know your heart meds sound like just the thing to keep you going, if not glowing. You are precious to your admirers, of which I am one.

  2. Congratulations to Irene! All teens sleep a lot keeps them glowing:)

  3. Congratulations to Irene!!

    We also got some rain, I wish it would have been more.

  4. It's an exciting time for Irene and all her family. Getting a scholar athlete award is a great achievement. Congratulations to Irene.

  5. Congratulations to Irene! And so pretty...Well done!
    We also are getting rain...nice!

  6. Congratulations to Irene! It is always wonderful to be recognized for one's efforts.
    The yard looks lovely after the rain.

  7. Getting rain tomorrow and we are officially in a drought. Congrats on your lovely grandchild. Could we love them more?

  8. We had finally also some rain during the night! Congratulations to Irene you must be very proud of her. I also have this kind of médecine for my heart.

  9. Yes, do keep on ticking. We all must do the same. LOL. Love the pics of pretty and smart Irene. Good luck to her.


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