Saturday, June 3, 2023

June is Beautiful, and So Is Irene

 We had a wakeful night so we slept late this Saturday morning. When I finally got going, I completed me PT exercise routine and then went outside to do a little snipping and grooming around the front porch. 

That done, I went o my padded chair at the patio table and just sat. It was such a beautiful morning, the sky so blue, warmth from the sun, coolness in the air.

Facing this scene, I watched a humming bird work over the blue delphinium and the foxglove, and the chickadee pair fly in and out of the birdhouse.

I think this must be a second brood for them. They were busy like this a month or so again, and there has been a lot of "chick-a-dee-deeing in the garden lately.

So much is blooming now in the garden. Roses are beginning their June show. There are foxglove and a few poppies.

But early June belongs to columbine.

June is also Prom month, and my granddaughter is right now finishing out her senior year in style with her beau Ryan. We got a few email photos before they set off to join their friends and make moments to remember.

We are promised more photos in a day or two. 

Ah, to be young and beautiful.

But I'll settle for sitting in the beauty of my garden now.  


  1. What a beautiful couple!
    I think I've had enough of being young though...I just want to be happy and healthy now.

  2. You have a beautiful granddaughter and this is a nice couple! My columbines are already finished, o have a few, but not so beautiful as yours, I must get some more from the Netherlands.

  3. They're a lovely couple! Congratulations to both on their achievement.
    The columbine are amazing, so many colors and variety of blooms.

  4. What gorgeous displays of columbines! And what a beautiful couple they are, LInda. You are truly blessed, and I am so grateful for your blog and your friendship, :-)

  5. You're right that June is a peak month for blooms. Awesome flower phots. You didn't sit very long in your chair to get so many photos. Congratulations to Irene on her graduation and 12 years of education.

  6. Yes Irene is a beauty! What an elegant dress! Your Columbine are so pretty and I love all the different colors. Hot and humid here:(

  7. All those Columbines are beautiful!

  8. Oh yes, Irene is gorgeous!! So are your Columbines. I think I've mentioned that a number of years ago I bought a Nora Barlow and now 90% of my Columbines have crossed with those. None of my lovely large flowered ones are left. I'd rip out all the Nora B ones and start again except that my DIL has her half of the yard and unless she'd agree to dig hers out too there's no point. What to do :(

  9. Your title says it all and the pictures prove it!

  10. Lovely post! So many beautiful columbines! I have exactly 2 - and not sure where they even came from, but I do love them. Irene is indeed beautiful and I love to see such an elegant prom dress.


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