Thursday, June 29, 2023

Island Time

We did slow down. We went on Island time. 

After I posted my last post, we took a little drive up to Freeland to check out the beach and then pick up a few groceries. 

Holms Harbor dock. I was a little wobbly on the dock, but stayed upright.
Dinner was grilled brats, grilled vegetables, and left over macaroni salad. More strawberries for dessert.

We took a walk over to the beach in the evening and admired our neighbors flowers.

We sat on a beach log and watched the osprey fishing in the bay. Later I came back over to catch the sunset over the bay.

Tuesday night I had trouble sleeping, woke up at 4:00 and apparently was done for the night, so I propped myself up, turned on my Kindle, and finished my book. Demon Copperhead, by Barbara Kingslover is the 2023 Pulitzer Prize winner. It took me on a roller coaster of emotions, and at times was very depressing, but I'm so glad I read it.  It was very insightful concerning the urban/rural divide in our country. I tried going back to sleep several times, but that didn't work, so I just kept reading and finished the book. I was tired and groggy on Wednesday, but kept thinking about that boy - Damon/Demon.

Tom did some work in the cabin garden. I managed to do two sessions of my PT. In the afternoon we took two bags of yard waste to the recycle dump then walked around Langley a bit before stopping at our coffee place for a treat.

We grilled hamburgers for dinner, and later finished the last of the strawberries and angel food cake. We went for a walk on the beach after 8:00 and sat to watch the osprey and terns fishing, diving "splash" into the water, then flutter their wings to dry them off. The bay water was like satin and it was all so calm and peaceful.
Mt Rainier was ghostly in the distance.

Today, Thursday, has been pretty laid back too. We are going home about 5:00 so we have packed up and cleaned up. We went for a walk on the dike so Tom could take some cuttings of the wild roses, Nootka Rose. He hope he can propagate them to grow for planting in our cabin garden. We are looking for better xeriscape low water plantings.

The Ocean Spray, Iron Wood, Holodiscus discolor, was blooming. It is rare to find it at this creamy white stage, since it quickly fades to a dirty white.

The last rose of spring. These are not summer roses.
I made it to my destination, the Madrone tree. 

This afternoon we visited our favorite nursery, just up the hill, just to enjoy the color and the beauty. Then we had coffee in their café.
This is what the Viburnum Walk, featured in my header, looks like now. 

The Flower House Café was a lovely place to sit in the shade and enjoy a treat, surrounded by flowers and bird song. 

Now our island time is winding down. The lagoon is finally filling with water - the tide has cycled - and the sun is shining.

It's time to load up the car and depart. I think I'll just transfer island time to my patio at home.


  1. A good sleep when you're elderly seems to be impossible. I end up dozing off but not getting much sleep at all.

  2. I need Island time too, yes you should have some Island Time on your patio! Make some more glass flowers for the cottage garden and add some foundation plants that will survive without much care! Wild Roses are a good start! I couldn't sleep one night either and finished my latest book club book. I handed it over to my husband...I am curious to see if he reads it:)

  3. That island certainly knows how to splash colorful flowers all around. Looks pretty calm and peaceful looking out on the bay. (One guy to the left seems to have been looking too long; oh, a bronze statue, eh?) Linda in Kansas

  4. I quit fighting sleep years ago...Up most mornings by three. Of course, it's Early to Bed! lol
    Happy weekend!

  5. I aso enjoyed visiting the island with the two of you. It is simply a lovely and delightful place to be, even if only virtually. Got lots of sleep last night and feel much better today! :-)

  6. What a lovely place to visit, with all the various amenities and of course, the beach. That would be my favorite place to be.
    It certainly makes sense to adapt the gardens to native plants as much as possible.

  7. It's nice to spend summer outdoors!

  8. You pack a lot into your down time!

  9. Seattle summers are extraordinary. I believe they make the winters bearable.

  10. Looks like you had a good time on the island!

  11. I enjoy all the flower pictures, your neighbour's and also those at the nursery. I like those sunset photos too. The pink/peach clouds look lovely.

  12. I didn't know there was a new Barbara Kingsolver book - yay! I am going to check that out. I love the beach.

  13. It looks like you had a very nice stay at the cabin. I love the pictures of Mt Rainier and the beautiful nursery.


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