Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Slowing Down

 Raindrops on roses.

Yes, it got cold and damp here, but we made it through all of the celebrating and Jill was still able carry out most of her Saturday Grad Party Plans. 
Now Jill and Irene and the Colorado/Nebraska relatives are spending time at the Rockaway Beach cabin on the Oregon Coast. 

Jake was here for dinner for Father's Day and now he will be spending the week at the Whidbey Island cabin. 

We are here watching it rain, running a few errands, and making plans for the next round of celebrations. 

And eating cherries.

The local cherries from east of the mountains are in the stores now, a treat not to be missed. 

I have an appointment with my primary care doc on Thursday and then I will go in search of local strawberries, if they are available. This cold rain isn't helpful in that regard. 

We have a wedding to attend on Saturday and by then we should be enjoying 77 degree weather at the outdoor ceremony. 

On Sunday we'll do household chores and prep for hosting a cousins lunch on Monday. Then it will be our turn for a little getaway at the Whidbey cabin.

 Then June will be over, too fast!


  1. That is a lot to cram into what remains of June. Why does everything have to be so full. I would like to just stop and watch. Your roses are lovely.

  2. June gets to be a very busy month. The plants and gardening are at a peak as well as celebrations. July will be slower.

  3. I enjoy hearing how you spend your days in your lovely home, and also at the cabin. And I really did enjoy that cold rain yesterday!

  4. LOVE your rose bed! Gorgeous!
    Hope you can get to the cabin soon!

  5. Beautiful roses! Our local stores have brought in cherries at a reasonable price lately...I've gone through two bags so far. Definitely one of my favorites.

  6. Your roses are beautiful! The deer ate my strawberry plants down to nubbins, but I should have tons of raspberries in about a week, and they last for about a month or 6 weeks if you are ever up for a trip up this way, I'll be happy to share!

  7. The cherries look good, soon they will be in our stores!

  8. Those c herries sure look good. I'm glad you're able to get lovely Strawberries for your luncheon.

  9. The roses time here is over due to wind, thunderstorms and heavy rain!
    Your roses are perfect. I made a cherry cake yesterday. But all fruits and vegetables are very expensive here especially cherries.
    Hope you’ll have a nice rest at the cabin.


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