Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre-Halloween Blizzard

Thursday morning we awoke to snow, with an inch on the ground and more to come. Schools were closed. Snow Day! Play Day!
The wind was blowing and it was 28 when I braved the elements to go out and take a few photos.
Irene said the Princess Pumpkin had snow crown. The others seemed to be complaining.
Jill and Isaac made witch treats for his class party scheduled for Friday.
But yesterday afternoon and into the night, the winds howled and the snow swirled, and by evening we got the word that school would be closed again on Friday. No Halloween parties. Isaac was very upset, so he texted the school principal to tell him we should have parties Monday. Then we watched the Seattle Sounders play in the first round of the MLS playoffs. The result was a 0-0 tie, so whoever scores in the match in Houston next week will probably progress.
This morning it was 21 degrees cold and the sun was shining. After a late start we went to the school grounds and went sledding. Grampa Tom helped with the push off.
Isaac had a great time.
So did Irene, especially floundering in the deep snow drifts.
Jill and Gramma Linda had fun too.
This afternoon the temps are up to 40 and the snow is dripping and disappearing. But it will take a while to melt away, as it will freeze again tonight.
We're all saying "Hey, it isn't even Halloween yet! What the heck kind of weather is this?"
The geese are getting out of here.
There will be Town Trick-or-Treating this evening on Main Street. We'll put on our jackets over and under our costumes and hit the town. All is not lost.
Isaac's flag football team game will most likely be cancelled tomorrow due to a snow logged field, but we'll find something else fun to do.
And all those little witches? They taste good with coffee and hot chocolate.


  1. because the weather played a trick, you could to eat all the treats...way to go.

  2. Brrr...I am shivering after reading this. But what fun you all must be having, sliding, trick-or-treating, just being together! The treats were so neat, great job! I hope your grandson gets his wish and they can have an "After Halloween Party" next week. I too think the pumpkins are a little bit upset with the snow. Happy Halloween!

  3. Ah, fun in the snow! Looks like a great time is had by all!

    Enjoy, Linda!


  4. How dissapointing for Issac but Grandma got a bonus of extra time with the kids. And the kids got to play in the snow.
    Hope you were able to stay warm for the trick-or-treating.

  5. Oh my goodness! You're getting snow already? Wow! I'm really enjoying this vicariously through you, Linda. What fun! And those treats look just incredible. It's so creative.

  6. Looks like everyone had fun. We don't get snow here in Hamilton, NZ, but it's not far away. - Dave

  7. Halloween sledding!! a new family tradition

    something tells me you guys know how to make the best of any situation :)

  8. I'm betting there will be treats on Monday at the very least. Your treats look so good. I see part of the ingredients to those treats, but what is the white main body?

  9. the previous post looks like everyone had a fun time.

    I am NOT ready for snow! although it looks like you all made the best of it. and coffee and goodies after all the snow fun seems like a good idea. MB

  10. Hi Linda, love your blog header picture, beautiful.
    Wow! You got snow already? Winter has come early, huh?
    Looks like you can put away that Bing Crosby record of his, "I'm dreaming of a....", well you know, ha ha.
    Enjoyed you very nice pics.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  11. Wow snow..we haven't had any yet, but we will soon...


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