Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reclaiming My Lifestyle

It was foggy this morning, perfect for getting outside to tackle the neglected garden. I love having my family visit, but when they are gone I also like to get my life back to normal. With the house work done it was time to move outside. We worked for four solid hours this morning, dead heading roses and perennials, edging the lawn, weeding and grooming. It's not all done, but we got most of it caught up. Then before going in for a late lunch, I picked fresh flowers for the house.
I love the luxuriant bouquets I can make with my dahlias.
The sweet peas took their time coming, but now a bouquet on the kitchen table brightens the area and perfumes the house.
A single lily along with the dahlias in the bathroom adds a lovely fragrance.
The lilies are blooming, so I should have a supply of single blossoms to pick plus a display in the garden.
The roses are sparse now that the first blush is over. By deadheading I hope to get repeat blooming.
The edges are trim again.
A clematis is adding color to the butterfly bush as its flowers fade. I do wish those beautiful, fragrant blooms lasted longer. So do the bees and butterflies.
Hardy fuchsias are blooming, shown here with Chinese astilbe.
And it's hydrangea time!
The heavy heads of Annabelle didn't like the rain, but they're springing back up.
Tom's petunia basket in the front window is doing well.
The orange and hot pink impatiens along the patio brighten the shade most of the day, getting sun only on late afternoon.
Today I went through my photos from June and the last two weeks and ordered prints of some online from Costco. I'll pick them up tomorrow. I have a retired teacher lunch next week, and I need my "bring and brag" photos.
I also ordered more mysteries from Amazon yesterday. They were shipped today. In the meantime I'm catching up on back issues of Time and Newsweek. I'm wearing my new walking shoes, which are really Nike running shoes, in the house to break them in. I'll switch to then for aerobic walking when I can get back to that. I have also re-established my exercise routine, those I learned through physical therapy. They include calf stretching which should help my heal pain. And I'm icing four or more times a day. Hopefully that, and time, will help.
And I'm eating the ice cream, one sundae at a time. Tom is helping.


  1. It is always a delight to walk through the garden with you. My poor garden is feeling neglegted as well as hot. I'll give it some TLC before we retreat again to the mountains.

  2. You do indeed have the most gorgeous garden and such breathtakingly beautiful flowers! Always a delight to be able to see them through your marvelous photos. Sounds as though you've had a good day! Enjoy your weekend, Linda!


  3. Wow..I actually have some of the plants that you this spring and I know their names..I have astilbe, hydrangeas,impatiens..names I have only recently learned. I even did some deadheading today...I almost feel like a gardener..well.. on a small scale. I hope your shoes and exercises help your feet Linda...

  4. When I see lilies I just know I have to have more next year. Your garden is lovely.

  5. I'm working away on the family photos and just had to stop by and see what you were up to. I'm glad I did because looking at all your photos gave me such a lovely feeling of peace to counteract the tiredness I feel from this never-ending project.

  6. Your flower gardens are producing all kinds of beautiful flowers while mine are at a standstill. We badly need rain. But the lilies, clematis, roses, shasta daisies, etc. have all gone by here. I did some major cleaning up in my garden earlier this week, so now it looks tidy, at least, although colorless.

  7. what a delightful summer your photos-can almost smell the flowers

  8. I'll come back and visit these refreshing scenes when we get into our heat wave this weekend! Looks like we'll be having the hottest weather of the summer, and it stretches well into next week.

  9. I do believe you are back in charge of your life! Good feeling.

    As always I'm totally amazed at pictures of your garden. I can't imagine living in such a paradise.

  10. Those flowers are nothing short of magnificent!

    Our Asiatic lilies succumbed to the heat -- they bloomed for just a few days...

    I find that icing really helps my knee.

  11. You have wonderful gardens and your bouquets are could work in a floral shop!

  12. P.S.I don't see your photo contest widget yet. Are you having trouble getting it to load?

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  14. also admired your garden and flowers. Well done both you and Tom, Linda - Dave

  15. I missed this post this morning. Gorgeous photos, Linda! Putting flowers in the bathroom is a good idea.

  16. Your flowers are awesome. Do you have a farmer's market nearby? I, for one, would love to purchase and share those beautiful flowers with others. Flowers are so friendly, and yours take the prize.

  17. Your flowers are lovely! I have a new hydrangea, but with so many varieties, one is not very impressive..I have a large dahlia this year that could feasibly take over Seattle.
    Anyway, I love seeing your gardens, both vegetable and flower.


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