Friday, August 6, 2010

Week II - Part One: Whidbey Island

After a busy Monday washing clothes and restocking the food supply, we were off again for Whidbey Island. We caught the 9:30 ferry from Mukilteo.
Tuesday we adults settled quickly into a much slower pace.
Reading on the deck,
reading downstairs,
or just doin' nothin'.
The kids, however, were expending energy with abandon. The flotation tubes used for tubing by some of the family served as trampolines for them. We did collect ourselves for a trip across island to Langley for ice cream for all, coffee for some, beer for two, and window shopping.
Corey and Jill had their Driods ever ready, posting on face book and keeping up with "friends".
Irene shared her ice cream with Dog while Isaac made contact with Boy.
The Sounders played a non-league match Tuesday evening, so we flew the flag, but satisfied ourselves with face book up dates. Another victory!
We had fires in the fire pit in the back yard, by the lagoon, and had s'more s'mores.
Wednesday we managed a morning walk on the tide flats while the tide was still out.
Beach comber Irene.
Grandma and Irene are the beach girls. Here we are heading back to the cabin.
Wednesday Afternoon Tom and I took the kids to South Whidbey Community Park, where they have a wonderful play structure.
Isaac got a bit green on the tire swing, and it was hot inland.
But the ice cream truck came just in time! This was a new experience for the kids. They don't have ice cream trucks in Fort Morgan!
That evening the kids and I returned to the beach. They played while I listened to their chatter and watched osprey diving for fish in the bay.
When we were planning the cabin, Tom insisted on including a loft. It isn't used much, but we do have a double bed up there. Isaac and Irene got to sleep up in the loft for the first time. Looks like they slept well!
Thursday morning we drove over to Double Bluff Park, for a beach walk on the other shore of Useless Bay.
The many structures are evidence of serious play having taken place there. It is one of the few public access parks on the shore.
The sandy bluff is fun to climb and then "fly" down.
We did some tide pool "science", as Irene likes to call it.
As we posed for pictures.
Irene took this one for me.
There was time for one last canoe ride in the late afternoon when the lagoon filled up.
Then we cleaned up, packed up, and had dinner at the Clover Patch before heading back to Seattle. But Jill saved some bread to feed to the sea gulls on the ferry ride. Non-stop fun.
We were up early this morning to go to Lake Washington for the Hydroplane time trials and the airshow. But that's another story.
It's a good thing we got some rest and relaxation in on Whidbey. Now we're back to busyness.


  1. sounds like marathon fun with family-good for you all.

  2. Linda: I got your comment on my blog that I forgot your picture....
    I don't recall getting it, but it is entirely possible...I had a horrendously busy month and may have accidently deleted your email before doing the post of all of the entries!
    I was going to contact the judges today to look at all of them, so we are not too late. Please resend it to my email at and I will do a revised post and a new post and then contact the judges...the sooner the better that you do this as I can't wait to much longer to notify the judges...thanks so much and I am so sorry yours got skipped!

  3. Gosh what a glorious week that was. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us.

  4. yeah, where in the world do your grandkids find the energy to do all that stuff?

    Secret to staying trim: Keep active!

  5. What wonderful family time you had on Whidbey, Linda. Your grandchildren are adorable and certainly energetic. Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful photos.

  6. What a beautiful place to make memories to reflect back on.....lucky you Linda...

  7. Thanks for sharing you wonderful holiday with us Linda. Lots of great photos too. I specially liked the wharf photo at the top here. - Dave

  8. Amazing photos, Linda. It's certainly proof that you are all having the times of your lives. Doing nothing and the ice cream would top my list of terrific things to do.

  9. I loved all your photos Linda. Whidbey is a great place and I wish we had had time to go up there on our trip recently. Next time! :)
    An English Girl Rambles

  10. I had such a nice visit through your blog - gorgeous photos of the beaches and market on the island. The Oregon Coast and the Olympic Peninsula are among are favorite places to visit when we can tear ourselves away from our Island.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed following along on your vacation. What fun you all have, such a happy and energetic family. The photos are wonderful. What memories you all make together!


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