Monday, August 2, 2010

Week I - On the Oregon Coast.

We're back home after a very full and fun week in Oregon. We traveled on Monday, stopping to grocery shop along the way, hoping to arrive before Jill, who was meeting the rest of the family at the Portland airport. But they beat us to the cabin at Rockaway Beach, and were getting settled in. John and Andrea joined us for the week and participated in the morning ritual of eating at the Garibaldi Bakery. Chomp! Foggy mornings usually cleared to pleasant afternoons. Jill, the beach fire organizer, found this driftwood shark. We honored him before we burned him.
The kids found fun everywhere.
It was just about here that Isaac went down face first. He came up sputtering and announced "That's it. I'm done." and headed to the cabin for dry clothes. The sea water here is 45 degrees cold.
They spend many hours playing in Salt Air Creek.
The Twin Rocks stand vigil over the beach fun.
I did get down and dirty to help build a sand castle.
On Thursday the Grandpas and Jill and Corey went deep sea fishing with the Siggi G charter company. Here they are returning with their catch. We met them at the docks in Garibaldi. Captain Joe did right by them, and they came back with sea bass, rock fish and ten crabs. We had good eating that night and more on Saturday.
Thursday afternoon Jake arrived. The kids do love to play with their Uncle Jake.
And of course there were more beach fires
and s'mores eating.
Major construction was now taking place in the creek.
There were several trips to Flamingo Jim's for the latest in beach wear and fun toys.
Saturday evening the sun set on our beach time.
Sunday morning it was time to pack up and get the cabin cleaned up for the next family visitors. We took time to take our annual family photo on the cabin steps.
And then by 10:00 we were off to Vernonia, Oregon for a family picnic. My brother and sister-in-law were out from Boston. We were missing one family group and several kids and spouses, but it was quite a crew that gathered in the park. All four of my siblings were there, and most of our kids and grand kids. Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma Violet loves to be in the center of all this hugging and eating and playing and reminiscing. Today we are doing mounds of laundry. We collected the mail and got the bills payed. I made another grocery store run. Jill and Corey went downtown for some fun on the water front and the Market. Isaac and Irene are getting reacquainted with all of their favorite play activities.
Soon we will be repacking to head to Whidbey Island for a couple of days. We'll be back in town for Seafair activities next weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness, Linda! This is what I call serious, delirious fun! I'm envious! I'm having a great time, too, but Wow! I can just see what fun the kids are having (and you). These family get-togethers are priceless!

  2. Wow, Linda. We did have fun, didn't we?Andrea Moser

  3. what fun, can almost smell the beach air

  4. I appreciate so much you sharing your family. I eagerly wait for the pictures of every event and am never disappointed. I'm always amazed how cold it is on the Oregon coast. I notice everybody is wearing jackets of some kind but are barefoot wading in the cold water. Makes my feet cold just thinking about it. I eagerly await the next report.

  5. Such a wonderful time at the beach! Cannot believe a water temperature of 45° in August!!! We'll be in Naples, Fla. in two weeks where the water temps are now 87!! What a full summer you've had!

  6. These are great pictures, Linda. I also eagerly await these gatherings, and that picture of the whole group is really amazing! Thanks for bringing me along for the trip!!

  7. There is no fun like beach fun. You are building such great memories for the grandchildren.

    Your pictures are great, as always.

  8. hi Linda. I cannot comment using the OPEN ID, but I can using the NAME/URL or ANONYMOUS.

    I prefer to use OPEN ID, but heck, this is better than no comment.

    Anyway, disregard my email to you.

    Love your photos of family fun. Best of all, you all look so healthy.

    Keep it up!

  9. You have a wonderful family Linda. Your photos tell of a fun and memorable time - Dave

  10. what a beautiful family :)
    I love the photos of the kids, they could be Lands End models

  11. Wow did good. That looks like so much fun. How blessed you are. :)

  12. WOW! What a wonderful family time you have had! Gosh it sounds like so much fun...all kinds of adventures...and the beach, how beautiful and what a great way to end a day with a fire and s'mores. Wonderful family memories being made by all.


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