Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week II-Part 2: Fun In Seattle

After our week on the Oregon Coast and our three days on Whidbey Island, it was time to stay home and participate in the fun of Seafair in Seattle. So Friday morning found us heading out early for a spot on the shore of Lake Washington, where we would set up "camp" for a day of hydroplane time trials and air show practice. Saturday and Sunday the real races take place and there is an entry fee, but Friday is free and still there is plenty of action. We arrived before the crowds and had time to check out the vintage hydros.
LEGO had a big hands on display this year. We checked it out while they were setting up, and came back later to look, play, and build. Floaters, boaters and fliers abound on the lake.
Mini-hydro action takes place on the beach.
An air show takes place over the lake when the boats are out of the water. Oracle is an amazing stunt plane.
We went back to the display booths, and Irene did a little flying of her own,
while Isaac went with his mom and dad on a pit tour to get up close to the boats and drivers.
Later there was autograph signing by the boat drivers. Irene thought Hydro Lites driver Kayleigh Perkins was "beautiful in her driver suit".
There was time to just sit around, play, read, watch.
The rooster tail of the fastest boat on the water.
Action in the pits - a hydro is being lowered into the water.
By 1:00 the shore was filling up in anticipation of a performance by the Navy Blue Angels.
Mini-air shows were happening too.
And there they are, flying low over the pits.
I caught this osprey, which was fishing over the lake, taking off from a temporary perch. Just part of the show.
Seafair veterans like we are just love the roar of these powerful jets.
We headed home after the airshow, in mid-afternoon. Jill went out with an old high school friend and the rest of us had a simple meal with grilled brats and hot dogs.
Saturday was rainy. The kids played indoors, I went once again to the grocery store, and and we all enjoyed an indoor picnic of spare ribs. Jake joined us, and stayed overnight for an early start the next morning, and Tom's sister Jan came too.
Sunday Jill, Corey and Jake left very early, in drizzle, for the lake, to get "their spot" on the shore for race day.
They hammed it up a bit for Corey's pics.
The drizzle let up and it was a pleasant day.
Meanwhile Tom and I and the kids watched on TV from the comfort of home. We kept track of the races, played, read and rested up, because in the evening we were all heading for Qwest Field and a Seattle Sounders match. -
Jill, Corey and Jake went directly from the races. We caught the light rail about 6:00.
We all met up in Occidental Park for the March to the Match.
Irene finds Jake.
At the stadium we stopped to listen to the band, Sound Wave, play.
We were kind of spread out, what with Jake's old seats in the north end, Tom and my tickets and the extra tickets I bought also in various sections of the north end
and Jill joining Jake in the raucous Emerald City Supporter section in the south end. Jill rejoined us for the second half. Scarves Up!
We all had fun, although keeping Irene occupied can be a handful. Her dad and then her mom got the duty this time so I actually got the watch the match. And a great match it was, too, with a win over Huston 2-0.
Monday we began to wind down. There was laundry to do, a few errands to run, and a tea party lunch to prepare and enjoy. Then we began the packing up and putting away. That done, Jake joined us and we all went out to dinner at Azteca.
Jill, Corey and the kids were up at 4:00 this morning in order to make their 6:15 flight back to Denver and finally home to Fort Morgan. Tom drove them to the airport, and I got up to see them off. Then, of course, we couldn't get back to sleep.
They are now back home. Corey reports that everything made it fine except Irene's suitcase, which went to Florida. Jill reports that she is happy to be back in 90 degree sunshine.
Tom and I are tackling the job of reclaiming the house. The sheets and towels are almost done. The bathrooms are cleaned. We'll get to dusting and vacuuming tomorrow, along with another run to the grocery store. Tom is getting the lawn mowed and we have some repairs to make in our neglected garden. We will take it somewhat slowly, as we have an unscheduled week ahead of us and have plenty of time.
And the work helps to overcome the sense of loss at suddenly having an empty house.


  1. what fun family traditions, thanks for sharing them with us...

  2. Looks like lots of fun was had by all! Love all your colorful, happy photos! Enjoy having time to get a good breath and begin preparing for the next visit!


  3. Looks like everyone had a great time, Linda. Congrats. It's always nice to get together with the kids and grandkids. I love to see the Thunderbirds in the skies over Oahu as they perform their acrobatic feats. Your pics reminded me of them.

  4. You really had a busy but fun time.. Your grandchildren are beautiful and handsome respectively.. Amazing shots and you got a beauty in the osprey....Michelle

  5. I love the second shot of the jet planes, it's perfectly captured. And I also appreciate going on the trip with you, I think you got it all down very well. Soon we will all be looking back at summer and all the fun we had...

  6. You always seem to have such wonderfully full weekends with your family. How sweet that you enjoy each others company so much.

  7. As a kid in Seattle I grew up with the thunderboats and loved them. Of course all the old names are gone and even the boats have been radically refined. All different and so am I. But they bring back good memories.
    You all had a wonderful time---well mainly we Pacific Nortwesteners know how to play even in the rain.

    Nice catch of the Osprey. MB

  8. I swear those gorgeous grandkids of yours are growing before my eyes with each post.


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