Friday, October 22, 2010

An Afternoon in Ballard

Today we met our son Jake in Ballard, where he is doing volunteer work at the Sustainable Fuel Co-op, a business owned by my cousin, where Jake buys his bio-diesel fuel for his VW. As a member of the co-op he can exchange work for fuel. He's working on the political aspect of getting tax credits reinstated for renewable fuel crops. Dropping the ball in Congress has really hurt this business. We took Jake out for lunch and an opportunity to catch up with him. He's a guy of many talents, but who has been employed only part time now for 21 months. He's making it, but it's not easy. After lunch, Tom and I spent some time strolling through Ballard, an urban village in northwest Seattle. The old Carnegie Library now houses a restaurant. The leaves are beginning to fall along the sidewalks.
The sculpture forest of 'Witness Trees' in Bergen Square.
Halloween decorations fill this fun shop.
From Ballard we drove north a short way to pay a visit to Swanson's Nursery, always a fun stop for us.
They always have the most beautiful seasonal planters, containers and displays.
On weekends in October this place is probably buzzing with activity with attractions like this hay bale maze.
And bins of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.
Autumn color everywhere.
Makes you want to buy plants up by the cart loads, or just move in and live there.


  1. Your wonderful photos are so much fun to see, Linda. They are a fall tapestry of colors and beauty.

    Ballard looks like a terrific place to live. I'm so glad you got to spend time with Jake. I hope the economy picks up for him.

  2. Great pictures, as always, Linda. That third pumpkin picture looks like it could be little mandarin oranges! And again, I'm always happy to take a trip around our state with you, even if it's in the southern reaches around Seattle. :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed Ballard! I do, everyday! Love your photos as always! I do hope things improve for Jake, these are such difficult times for many and even more for young people in many cases. Have a great weekend, Linda!


  4. The fall colors are lovely! I love the fall decorations as well. Down South, we seem to have gone directly from summer to Christmas! It is still 85 during the days, so hard for me to think about Christmas yet.

    Keep up the good work with pictures! They are spectacular as usual.

  5. Beautiful pictures! When I lived in California and New York City, I NEVER saw autumn colors like those. 1968-1975. Wonder why.

    Good luck and best wishes to your son. How sad he hasn't been able to find a full-time job.

  6. love the fall colors-it's my favorite season. fun spots to visit-thanks for taking us along.

  7. I'll have to google Ballard to see if it's anywhere near where we stay when we head south of the 49th. I always like to visit a new town or two and poke around in the shops and museums.

  8. The arrangements in that nursery are quite striking.

    Sorry your son is having a tough time. Congress seems to be having that effect on a lot of people.

    Ballard looks like a great little town.

  9. Wonderful sign of fall and beautiful floral images as well. Ballard's old Carnegie Library is much better than the one here in Lincoln. It is still in use as a Library but only open two afternoons a week. I suspect that it will eventurally find a new use.

  10. Love that gourd photo!! So glad you got the widget up ok for your winning photo! I will be doing some catching up and reading your back posts soon...I have had a crazy summer/fall and am wayyyy behind in reading some of my fav if you see a ton of old comments coming in before long you will know why!

  11. Beautiful photos...almost makes me appreciate fall. But, alas, I am still mourning the loss of summer. You have qyite the eye for color. I enjoyed sll the pictured.

  12. looks like a really pretty town

    your visit to the nursery center really produced some amazing photos!!

  13. Great pictures--I love all the colors! This is such a gorgeous time of year for us. And Swanson's.... I could spend HOURS there. So fun!

  14. Thank you for the tour of Ballard. It looks like a beautiful place. I'd love to spend some time at the garden center.

  15. Another amazing blog with lots of amazing photos Linda! Thanks heaps! - Dave


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