Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taking It Easy

It has been two months since I started actively treating my plantar faciitis. I have been to the doctor and the podiatrist. I got a cortisone shot, and new orthotics. I do stretching exercises and ice my heel. I have limited my walking by not doing aerobic exercise walking. I borrowed a stationary bike for exercise instead. Yesterday was Tom's birthday, and although we celebrated it on Sunday, I wanted to do something special. We spent time outside. I picked flowers for the house, and got the hydrangeas arranged in vases. There is a little bit of water in each vase, which will dry up and then the flowers will be preserved. And yes, they will retain most of their color.
click to enlarge We ran a few errands, and picked up some yummy dessert at the Safeway bakery, enough for two servings only. We don't any dessert leftovers around here. Then later in the afternoon I said we could go for that walk we haven't been able to do. Our local elementary school is being rebuilt, and we like to walk up and around the site to check on progress. I am tired on not being able to go for a walk, and it was such a nice day. But, alas, it didn't go so well. By the time I got back home, my heel was on fire, my arthritic ankle had locked up and was spasming, and I was feeling depressed. I rested and iced for a bit, and then got going on preparing a nice dinner. After that, I moved very little. So I guess I'm still grounded. I did some of my exercises this morning, and then went out to putter in the yard for a while. It's a cool, crisp, sunny day, just beautiful. I plan to take my book out and sit in my wicker rocker and read for a while in the sun. I need to soak it up to store up for the dark, wet months ahead. And this evening we return to Qwest field for an important soccer match, when the Sounders take on the Columbus Crew in defending the US Open Cup. SOUNDERS!


  1. The hydrangeas are magnificent and such a variety!

    So sorry about the pain. If it weren't for the spasms I'd tell you to use ice. I know how painful this can be.

  2. Those flowers are incredible, and you get to keep them all winter? Amazing. Bad news about the heel. Weren't you thinking of investing in an elliptical trainer? Would that help? Just working up a light sweat is all that's needed to keep you fit, as I understand it.

  3. I'm totally amazed by the hydrangeas. I've seen a lot of dried ones and they're beautiful as well.

    This heel is getting to be a serious situation. Nobody wants to be done in by a heel.

  4. I think I stayed off my heel for a whole summer but wearing shoes with proper support was totally necessary to it healing and not going barefoot. It does get better but it takes time and also exercises and being patient and NOT walking. Sorry, a test of patience for sure!

  5. I can totally sympathize with your aches and pains. I have a (self-diagnosed) arthritic knee that made walking a torture. My friend told me about Glucosamine with MSM and I started taking it about six months ago. I get a big bottle at Costco, take one a day, and while it may be coincidental, my knee has quit acting up. It did take a couple of weeks before I noticed one day that it wasn't hurting any more.

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I knew there was a way to preserve them, but couldn't remember what it was. I will try to save mine next year.

  6. You mean the hydrangea petals do not fall off while drying? Amazing!

    Sorry to read you are in pain. That's no fun! I guess you have been over-doing it. Go easy on yourself!

  7. I love the hydrangea colors. I always thought you had to hang plants to dry them. This is great that you can just keep them in their vases until they dry up. They look amazing.

    I am so sorry about your plantar problem. I had another friend who had that problem and I remember her having to buy different shoes and sandals. I sure hope it gets better soon.

  8. Like the others, I'm so sorry you're having such problems with your plantar! Never fun and I hate to be restricted in my activities, but my knees are going to hell in an hand basket I think and it's a little harder to get around every week!! Ah, the joys of aging, but I guess it's a lot better than the alternative!
    Holding good thoughts for you, Linda, hope you;re enjoying the game tonight!


  9. A very Happy Birthday ... sorry I am belated.. As one who is frequently grounded...I understand the frustration


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