Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Beginning on the weekend, we have been hit by wave after wave of wind and water, as a series of storms are rolling in off the Pacific. It's currently 43 degrees and raining lightly, adding to the 2.5 inches we've already accumulated. This is the cold, penetrating dampness that will be with us now for much of the next five months. I wish it could have waited until after Halloween. It looks like we will be in cool sunshine for Halloween though, as we leave for Colorado tomorrow. I'm glad we got lots of yard clean up done before the weather changed, because from here on it will not be as pleasant crawling around on the cold, wet ground. But there will be more to do before we put the garden to bed. Right now we're just waiting for Mother Nature to finish making her mess. There'll be plenty of time for clean up after we get back home. Speaking of messy, that certainly describes the state of politics. With the mud slinging going on in TV and radio ads, we're getting buried in filth. I have taken to talking back to them, with things like "that's stretching the truth", "that's ridiculous", "how could you possibly derive that from the facts", and finally "you lie!" While yes, it is politics as usual, it has been exacerbated by the Supreme Court ruling allowing unlimited, secret contributions from large corporations and unions. 501(c)(4) organizations, who get to call themselves "non-profits", are pouring anonymous cash into campaigns, including many companies that still owe us bail out money. Here in Washington our incumbent Dem. senator is under attack by Karl Rove's "non-profit" Crossroads GPS. We have a lot of ballot measures this year, most derived through the initiative process. Of the six initiatives, I may have found one I like. But I frequently get outvoted, so we could have a mess on our hands. Three concern taxes, either adding, rescinding, or limiting future taxes. Several are about state liquor sales. If both pass, we will have contradicting laws. Either way the state takes a hit in revenue, which we can't afford, with cuts at bare bones levels already. Messy, very messy. Tom and I sat down with our 120 page state voters' pamphlet and our additional county guide last Thursday and marked our ballots, then mailed them in. We have all mail-in voting now, and we like it. But it will probably delay vote counting, so with the close races, we may not know the winners and losers for some time to come. Messy. While I'm sure I've come across as calm and clear headed so far, I'm not calm at all. My brain is messy too. Because with all of the campaigning and pundits and tea partiers spouting off, could someone please explain to me WHY WOULD YOU VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS TO RESTORE JOBS WHEN THEY MADE THEM GO AWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!


  1. I've been asking the same, exact question????? Have a great visit in Colorado!


  2. It is messy.
    And on top of that I have still a mess with neighbors who cut trees. And am seeing behavior by people that is very disappointing.
    I guess times like these you just resort to focusing on what your hands are doing and at least not get crazed oneself.
    It's not easy though.
    I'll spend more time debudding my mums!!
    Your yard is decorated with a fall theme. Lol.

  3. No kidding!!! I am so tired of the ugly politics going on right now.

    We had the most unusual weather today. It's been raining off and on all day and it's been cloudy and windy. It's very weird weather for our part of the island. We've been getting nothing but sunny days. This is actually quite welcome... if I didn't have to go out tonight.

  4. Despite Mother Nature's mess, your photos are quite lovely. Something like a beautiful girl with messy hair?

    I just hope the guys I voted for get in! I voted Democratic this year.

  5. Excellent question! But the truth seems to avoid so many!!!

    Your garden, subject to 'Nature's mess' is still more lovely than most public gardens!

    Very warm here and extremely humid (95%). I don't like this.

  6. Voting by mail gets my vote. Have a great trip to Colorado Linda.

  7. I like the messy look of the photos too....I don't think the mid-terms are going to be good for the Dems...sigh....


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