Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Merry Christmas

On Christmas eve Jill and the kids,  and Jake with his unwrapped gifts, were all here at the homestead by late afternoon, before the sun went down.
 Jake disappeared to the wrapping station upstairs.  Irene read one of her new books from Grandma Andrea.
 Isaac and Jill lounged and tried to make up from a lack of sleep from Christmas excitement.  Those cool clothes Isaac is wearing also came from Grandma Andrea, via the Postal Service sleigh from Colorado.
 Everyone connected electronically to the rest of our friends and family via Facebook.
 As dinner time drew near the kids helped light the candles in the dining room.
 Then there was eating - steak and crab and scalloped potatoes and vege and salad and ice cream and cookies.

After dinner we settled in the family room to watch the Christmas on Sesame Street video, which is becoming a tradition.  Big Bird is worried about how Santa can come down through a too small chimney.  Oscar the Grouch is culpable.  The music is wonderful.

 Jake caught up on the Christmas card reading.

 After dessert, the kids went home and went to bed, after which Tom and I went to their house with the mini-van sleigh loaded with gifts and stocking stuffers.

We were back on the scene after a coffee stop by 8:00 Christmas morning.  This was to be the first holiday celebrated in Jill's new house.  They all got their biggest wish - a home for Christmas.
 The stocking were very well stuffed.

 Jake arrived and found his place under a kitty.  Tiger was happy for the attention.

 There was a wonderful breakfast, and then clean up.  Jill's kitchen is small and we learned fast that the way to make it work is to keep up with the dish washing.  Throughout the day we also contemplated the best way to expand the working space here.  By the end of the day it got a good work out.

 Can we open our gifts yet?

 Oh, good.  Here we go!

 Boxes and paper piled up behind us as we took turns opening.

 Then there was playing and walking and snacking and putting together.  Ikea puzzles were solved, as with these 'Fingal Torkels', desk chairs, for the new computer room.
 And Irene's multimedia easel. 
 The turkey was successfully smoked on the BBQ on the deck, as the weather was dry, sunny and almost warm.
 And the dinner was delicious!  Of course there is no photo of the food.  I never seem to remember to take one in the rush of getting everything ready.  I can tell you that I peeled and mashed ten pounds of potatoes!  Jill wanted lots of left overs.
After dinner Jake and I went for a short walk while Tom and Jill finished up in the kitchen, and then we all played games until bedtime sent us all to our own abodes with a warm glow from a lovely day.


  1. Lovely Christmas! I had a good one, too. Aloha from Hawaii, Linda.

  2. Lovely Christmas! I had a good one, too. Aloha from Hawaii, Linda.

  3. A wonderful and very Merry Christmas for you all!! Mine was great, too!! Hope you and your beautiful family have a very Happy New Year, Linda!!


  4. That living room filled with paper and boxes reminded me of many past Christmases in my own life, Linda. What great pictures! I sure enjoyed this. And it's wonderful that Jill and the kids have their own home! :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing! Your home is absolutely lovely! I enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations, and the lights through the windows. So glad your daughter and grandkids have a new home to start the new year. What a beautiful table she set. Everything looked absolutely wonderful.

  6. A great celebration! I love your posts about your family happenings!

  7. Such a very wonderful family Christmas.

  8. Looks like a great time was had by all! I had one of those alley kitchens once, it was a one cook kitchen:)

  9. I do envy you having the whole family together for Christmas. What a joyous time you all had. Sigh...


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