Monday, December 16, 2013

We needed a little Christmas...

My sister-in-law, Jan, Tom's twin, is headed south at the end of the week to join the California Reeders in their holiday festivities.  Her partner, Ann, is doing the same with her southern family.

So we needed a little Christmas, right this very minute, that minute being Sunday afternoon, after the Seahawks game, of course.  Winner!

We all loaded up in the mini-van and headed to Gig Harbor where we feasted on roast beast, shared gifts and ate cookies.  It was a lovely start to the holiday season.

Thanks, Jan and Ann.  And safe travels.


  1. You realize that you have made me a Seahawks fan, don't you? And how I rejoiced over that win! Go Hawks!

    What a fine thing to do to have begun your Christmas early... I'll bet the kids don't mind spreading it out into several weeks. :-)

    P.S. Love that picture.

  2. What a beautiful family!
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

  3. Those family gatherings are what make the holidays.

  4. Yae! I love your photo. A little Christmas joy is welcome anytime you can have it. So happy for all of you!

  5. Family sharing is one of the prime reasons for the season. Such a good looking group. Enjoy.

  6. How fun! Sounds like you had a jolly good time with your early Christmas celebration!

  7. It's always nice to celebrate Christmas with family. Cheers!

  8. christmas is a reason to celebrate everyday!


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