Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Fun Shopping"

You may remember that I said I had most of my shopping done, much of it on line.
Packages have been arriving at my door.
It's time to start the fun shopping - going places for the entertainment value as much or more than the shopping opportunities.

We went into the city today.  We had planned to take the light rail, but the park and ride lot was full so we drove in.  The first stop was at the team shops at the stadium.  We were looking for kid sized Sounders soccer gear, but struck out.  Everything is Seahawks right now, so we bought some of that.  We're talking Superbowl here in Seattle so we'll need that gear too!

Then we drove to our favorite outdoor lot right below The Market which had plenty of space reserved for us.  We spent the next two and a half hours walking and looking and shopping and tasting.
 The weather is cold and clear, wonderful for being out and about in the city.

 The original Starbucks always draws a crowd of photographers, and it was jammed inside too.

 There are so many goodies to drool over in the shops along the street.

We elected to have lunch at my favorite Starbucks, right at the entrance to the Market.
This is the view from the coffee shop.
 I had yogurt, and then a cranberry bliss bar with my latte.
 Inside the market, no fish were flying at the moment.  You have to buy one to fly one.

 What we did buy, because we had our car, was this big, lush wreath.

We were home by 2:00, got the wreath hung by the front door, and then Tom was off to Jill's house to perform a few more minor miracles.  He reports via text message that the oven now works, the doorknob is replaced, and he's making another attempt and getting the hot tub working.  What a guy! 

And me?  I turned on Christmas music and got the first batch of cookies made!


  1. Walking around Seattle's Public Market with you was wonderful! Glad you're home safe and warm. The wind never stopped blowing up here, and I've been cold all day long! Tomorrow will probably be more of the same. Oh well. :-)

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I have tried several times to park at the Market parking lot and it is always full. All those baked goods look so yummy.

  3. What a wonderful day in the city you had. I am envious. Really, Seattle is just too cool. I love it. I'm emailing this post to my husband as a hint that really must go to Seattle together. That way he can visit the original Starbucks. He is such a Starbucks fan. He was sad today because the weather was so nasty he couldn't get out to go to his favorite Starbucks.

  4. Tom is amazing and, by golly, so are you! Your days are always so full! I don't think you ever rest. It's great that Tom is able to fix so many things for Jill. Thank you for taking us back to Seattle. I wish we could get back there.

  5. What a fun day! I love the market but haven't been in a few years.

  6. I have never been to Seattle, but David and Lisa have. Someday, I'll go there, too. Nice pics. BTW, did you get the Christmas newsletter I emailed to you?

  7. I went shopping yesterday with my friend Caryn newly arrived in town and bought a fresh wreath too. How fun to see Pike's Market. I remember the flying fish...

  8. oh, I miss the market! Worth the trip all the way from our house a couple of times a year. Nothing quite like it any place else.

  9. What a beautiful market! That kale is stunning! Thanks for the walk around:)


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