Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Fun Shopping

Tuesday was the day of our annual Christmas Shop field trip.  We love experiencing the glitter and glitz, the fun and the flowers presented at these two garden stores, Wight's and Molbak's, both north of Seattle.

There were just three of us this year.  Other things happen.  But it is officially Mavis's field trip, and she was there!

I didn't take my cameras and was not planning to take photos, but eventually I couldn't resist, and my iPhone came out of my pocket and snapping shots began.  Here is just a bit of the beauty we enjoyed.

 No, I did not resist.
Yes, I did buy more ornaments - some for others, but a few for me too.  I just squeezed them in.

I hope you too are having some days that are merry and bright.


  1. You are too funny! i am glad that you did not resist the urge to take photos. They are lovely. I am almost finished with shopping and now it is on to wrapping and delivering.

  2. Thanks for sharing your glitzy fun with us! I love Molbaks but hadn't heard about Wights before. Thanks for a new garden store to explore!

  3. spent the day shopping with caryn but didn't take any photos-enjoyed yours...

  4. SO glad you got these with your iPHone. And thank you, Tom, for getting a picture of Linda, and thank YOU, Linda, for getting it up so I can enjoy it, too! Looks like a great day! :-) Yay...

  5. Love the flowers especially!

  6. What a bright cheery place to visit, I loved the Poinsettia and Hydrangea displays...beautiful:)

  7. Your iPhone did a great job, Linda. I'm using my iPhone more and more too since I always have it with me. This post is so chock full of holiday fun and glitter. Thank you for raising all our spirits today.


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