Sunday, December 22, 2013

Slow Sunday

The weather is very dreary here today, liquid air, 48 °, heavy gray sky.

With all of the holiday eating, I wanted to get in a walk, but ugh!  So today I became a mall walker!  Southcenter is just a few miles from my house, so I was there at 8:30, thinking it would just be me and other mall walkers.  But no! Stores were already open, and more opened at 9:00, so I had lots of company.  I got in my 3.5 miles and managed to get out of there without giving in to the temptations of all the goodies to be had there.  

Back home I prepared an actual breakfast for Tom and me, read the paper, and did a few exercises before settling down at my desk top computer to catch up - again- with my blogger buddies.  

I have read some wonderful, heartwarming posts this morning.  What an amazing group of friends I have out there, real people experiencing  real emotions: heartache, pain, joy and love.

Stay happy and healthy, my friends.
And now it's time to go watch some football!  Seahawks!


  1. Same weather here. I went to the Y and walked on the treadmill while I listened to a podcast. It was pretty boring, but I burned 400 calories, which I get to eat! Aren't we lucky with our blogging friends? I sure am glad to have YOU among mine. :-)

  2. Really, we cannot afford to let the weather determine the amount of exercise we get. I have only been mall walking once--I had an early morning dentist appointment and then a later doctor appointment. I was surprised at the number of folks chugging around.

  3. 48 sounds lovely to me, we are way below zero again tonight with dangerous wind chills. Around here many people walk in the school after hours..we don't have any malls nearby..closest one would be 60 miles or 90 miles away:)

  4. I am so lazy that I don't exercise at all.

  5. Hi - new follower of your blog from Arizona. Looking forward to more of your posts. I notice that you are a retired teacher. I am also a teacher - just not retired yet. I aspire to be like you one day - retired! Have a very Merry Christmas. Love your blog.

  6. We don't have a mall here but often in Walmart, people zoom past me with no carts. Guess that is what they are doing. Sure beats fighting the elements.

  7. Mall walking is very popular here in Hawaii too because of our hot sun. Art walks at 5:00 before the sun comes up and we walk together after dinner.

    You're very right about our wonderful cyber family. I love all our heart to heart talks.


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