Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Whidbey Working Vacation

There were jobs to do.  There was time.  There was clear weather.

Monday morning after my last physical therapy session ( I graduated!) we drove to Whidbey Island to take on some projects.  

Our ferry boat awaits.
It was a very pleasant day on the lagoon.

Tom's project was to build a storage shed under the deck stairs.  My jobs were to clean up the garden and oil the deck furniture.  

I got started on the garden after lunch, while Tom cleaned out the area of construction and went to the builders supply to order materials.

The garden was very dry and some of it was burnt up.  We have had very little rain for weeks now.  I deadheaded and weeded and clipped and cleaned out dead and drying stuff.  I found a bird's nest, probably a Junco.
I worked for three hours and didn't get finished, but it was time to clean up and fix dinner.

We went for a walk after dinner and then I connected my lap top to the cousin's WiFi next door and read blogs.  Then I worked on my memoir.  Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned I am writing my memoir.  That's another blog post. 

The building materials were supposed to be delivered in the morning, but they didn't come.  I finished my gardening job and then set to work on applying teak oil to the deck furniture, while Tom did some more cleaning up around the yard.  We have a lot of stuff sitting around from the construction of the cousin's cabin next door.
 Tom found a pile of old bricks and extended the fire circle.  They will have to be set in at another time, or by someone else.
The delivery finally arrived about 1:00 and then Tom got to work, and I was on standby to assist when needed.

This was my "stand by" location.  I read and dosed.

The ceiling was attached under the stairs and then the walls went up.

 After dinner I went for a long walk up the hill while Tom worked. Then I took my camera over to the beach on the bay side to watch the sun set.

 Everything glows in the golden hour.

 Cotton tail rabbits enjoy the new lawn next door.
 Tom got the construction finished and began putting the shingles on before we quit, both very tired.

Tom enjoyed some deck time and I read blogs and worked on my memoir.

By the next morning the garden was looking better, cleaned up and watered.

Tom got busy on the shingle siding, feeling his way as he went, working on a system to keep the rows even.

 We used the door from the old shed which was next door, a piece of cabin history.

 Tom got one panel on the back side done and then ran out of steam.  He'll finish it when we come back up in two weeks.
 After dinner we walked over to the beach to look for a few pieces of driftwood to use as door "hardware".
 Tom moved stuff into the shed.
 There will always be some left to lean up against it.
 The yard is looking cleaned up, ready for the next cabin guests, who are there now.
 I found this little creature to help welcome them.
We got home about 11:00 last night, and have spent some of today just recovering from our working vacation.


  1. You both are so very talented. I am jealous that I cannot get my garden to look that nice on a weekend and I certainly have not talent for building things.

  2. You are such hard workers! The garden and shed look great! Do you rent the cabin to other people or are the guests of whom you speak other family members?

  3. Hard work never fails. Garden looks great. Beautiful birds nest!

  4. wow you two know how to work-great project-love the driftwood handles, etc.

  5. You both accomplished a great deal in a very short period of time. I was tired just reading about it all! Really fine looking work on both your parts. Hope you manage to get some rest this weekend. :-)

  6. Wow, amazing results, the driftwood "hardware" is genius. You two are hard and creative workers.

  7. It's good to see the shot of you on your knee, gardening. I know you enjoyed it. And it means your back is in good shape. I'm not used to having to water so early. Good thing the rain is back today.

  8. You two are amazing! Is there anything you can't do? And your work is perfect. You spread beauty everywhere you go! Wish you could come down my way!

  9. My oh my is about all I can say. Just listening you tell what all you did has worn me out. Tom's project looks great. I love the pic over the water with the moon out. Remember you are still recovering even though you graduated. LOL

  10. Some nice work there. I am glad to know you both got to sit and enjoy for a few minutes.

  11. I am totally in awe of all your photos. The ones that really stick out in my head are the ones of you in the garden and the one with the feet in the foreground. Perfection!


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