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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where Did the Time Go?

I tried to figure out when I had posted last and what I have been doing since then.  There was too much mind clutter, and the only way I could remember was to download the photos I have taken since last Friday. 

Here's what I found.

Saturday Tom and I and Tom's sister Jan drove to Clatskanie, Oregon for a family memorial service.  Clatskanie is near the Columbia River, a two and a half hour drive from Seattle. 
 After the service we explored a bit before getting back in the car for the long drive home.  We found a small farmer's market and a fun antique shop.

 Then it was back across the Columbia River at Longview and north on I-5.
 Sunday was Father's Day.  We worked at home and kept track of World Cup games until it was time to meet up with the kids for dinner at Azteca. Tom enjoyed his margarita.  
 Monday we worked on more projects at home until it was time for the USA vs Ghana.  We won!

 Tuesday we worked at home until the afternoon.  It was the last day of school and we went over to help Jill clean up her room and then took the kids out for frozen yogurt. They were too busy staring at the video screen to look at me.
Tom turned the garage into a workshop this week to build picnic tables and benches for the Whidbey cabin.  He started on Sunday and just finished the last bench today!! Hooray!

Now he's cleaning up the garage. I spent time doing my exercises and walking, sometimes in the rain. I also worked on plans for a big birthday party I am throwing for myself in July. Finally the rain let up and it was time for me to get out in the garden and begin to put things back in order.  Wind and rain had knocked stuff over, caused lush growth, including weeds, and lots of things just needed deadheading and grooming.  
I spent two days and filled a yard waste bin.
Now the vegetable garden is weeded and things are tied up and growing.

 The first raspberries are ripening already, and we have harvested a few strawberries.

Last night we attended a Sounders soccer match at the small Starfire Center, as the Sounders took on a top amateur team in the first round of play for the US Open Cup. 

I loved the colorful shoes on our team starting line up.
 It was an easy victory, 5-0, and now the Sounders move on in play.  Next up, a perennial MLS nemesis, Real Salt Lake. We'll be on Whidbey Island then so we'll have to see if we can find a way to live-stream it on my lap top.
Correction:  My son informs me that we play San Jose Earthquakes, next, not RSL. I knew that but somehow......... At least I know he read this post :-)

So there you have it.  We've been busy.  Next up - a four day conference called the Hardy Plant Study Weekend, where we will attend seminars and visit gardens all over the area, including gardens on Whidbey Island on Monday.  I'll take pictures.  And we'll deliver the picnic tables, and Tom will finish the shingles on the shed, and I'll tend the garden, and we HOPE for one day to just relax!

Now here are a few photos of my garden, all cleaned up!


 The first dahlias.

 A study in green.
 Flopping peonies. 

 Ground cover tapestry.
 Lavender and columbine.
 Pot explosion!

That's all for now, folks.  It may be awhile before I'm back, but I'll try to keep up with your posts.


  1. Sometimes we're so busy we can't remember what we did. You have some evidence to remind you. You really keep busy.

  2. I can't decide which looks best, that margarita or the frozen yogurt! Your flowers are beautiful, and those Roses! I never get tired of looking at your pictures.

  3. You and Tom both amaze me with the amount of tasks you take on and finish every single day. I think it's almost time for you to take a day just to sit back and relax. But then again, what do I know? I rarely do that myself. :-)

  4. Your roses are beautiful! Great lookin picnic tables and benches too:)

  5. Your vegetable garden looks fabulous!

  6. Good grief! Is there anything... anything... anything that you or Tom cannot do? You guys are amazing! Your garden is just incredible and I love your photos of the flowers.

  7. Sounds like a busy day - or dayS. Lol.

  8. Tom is really a keeper isn't he? Like Djan, you two amaze me with all you accomplish. You make me feel like a world class slacker. Oh well.
    I thought of you with the World Cups. You must be in soccer heaven. Go USA.

  9. I know the feeling, I used to block daily then every other day and now when I get to it. Guess that's progress. Love all your greens and flowers...just gorgeous!

  10. Oh! And all this time, I was just figuring that the two of you were couch potatoes in front of the soccer games!

  11. What a guy that Tom is. The tables and benches look GOOD. I figure if we keep busy the Devil can't catch us----he will never even find you guys. Thank goodness.
    Roses and all your gardens are beautiful. Attention accomplishes much. MB


    Have a great weekend :)

  13. Tom is such a gifted woodworker! I was worried about you and was wondering if your fall into the river caused something to go haywire with your back. I'm happy to hear that you were just busy! Your picture, study in green, reminded me that I have some of those allium seed heads in the garage still in their box that I got after admiring yours. It was too late in the fall to put them out and I'd forgotten them until now. Thank you!


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