Saturday, June 28, 2014

Powellswood Garden

Some of the members of our garden group met this morning to tour Powellswood, a private garden in Federal Way that is sometimes open to the public. Tom and I had been here many years ago, when the garden was new, and we were excited to see how it had developed.

We were not disappointed.

The weather was a bit disappointing, as it rained pretty much the whole time we were there, but except for keeping my camera dry, it was good light for photography.  

I have a lot of lovely photos, and it is hard to choose between them, so get ready for a bunch!

 Walking from the parking area, you can see this is something special.

Parsley and pansies as bedding plants.
 There are many wonderful plant combinations in this border.  I loved the Colorful barberry.

On to the Spring Garden, under the cherry trees.

A view into the Woodland Garden.

The Pond Garden

The end of the path.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful place and your captures are breathtaking as always!! Thanks so much, Linda, for sharing the beauty!! There is a lot about Seattle that I do miss!! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!


  2. Another spectacular garden tour! Someday I will have to sit my sister down and share your blog with her, except she might immediately move to Washington and take up full time gardening. (Which is kind of adream of hers anyway.)

  3. You got lot more rain than we did, by the looks of it. Your pictures are good, as usual, and prolific. I l always expect you to take plenty, though. It's a beautiful place, Linda. Thanks for letting me stay nice and dry while I joined you. :-)

  4. This must be a large piece of property. It takes some imagination to set this up so that it looks attractive and after that a lot of work. You've given us a very good view of the garden.

  5. Very lovely Linda, another fab walk in beauty with you. You know, I hope, that your garden looks every bit as good. This one is just larger.

  6. What a feast for a foliage nut like I am. Wow, what a beautiful place. I could live there, as long as I had a LOT of help.

  7. My oh my! what an incredible place. I was going to say I love the Woodland garden um no the pond garden but I guess I should just say "I LOVE IT ALL" thanks for the tour. MB

  8. wow all that green wetness-it wil be 105 degrees today and rain is a distant memory-guess we should take a trip to!

  9. Oh gracious! What a spectacular garden. Your photos really captured its colorful beauty.

  10. Another amazing garden in my back yard of which I was unaware! Your pictures are so beautiful and make me want to see the garden in person!


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