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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hardy Plant Study Weekend - Day 2

Today's featured gardens were on the "east side", that is east of Lake Washington, in upscale Bellevue and Medina. Most were very large gardens, with some pretty amazing hardscapes, but it is the beauty of the plants that we gardeners are looking for.  It was there in excess.

I am not supplying names and locations, because the owners want their privacy.  I will just refer to them as:

                         Garden 1- Pools and court yards and color

                                         Garden 2- In the shade

Garden 3- Patio and lawn and borders and rocks and some of everything.

Garden 4 - Borders on an estate. I think this may be Bill Gates' neighbor.

 Garden 5 - This was the smallest garden, but in many ways, it was the best.  The details were amazing.

End of the tour.  Whew.  I'm tired all over again. 


  1. Just beautiful! I might have seen one of these in last year's excursion, but the others are new to me. I love the variety, the lushness, and the beauty. The word "hardscape" is new to me. :-)

  2. Oh I enjoyed the Poppies! Especially that heavily ruffled one! Lots of work in those gardens:)

  3. OK, I have figured out how to see all your pictures with my slow download speed. I open your site, then open another tab and finish reading my other blogger's posts and comment on theirs. Then I come back here and all the pictures are loaded. Cool.
    Now I see what I have been missing.
    Just beautiful shots and I got some great ideas.

  4. I see what you mean about the smaller garden. I loved it too. Who can compete with an estate garden? I did really like garden 2 also. What a great way to spend a day!

  5. Nice tour! I'm going to have to put plants closer together and learn to use shade.

  6. Nice tour! I'm going to have to put plants closer together and learn to use shade.

  7. Thanks for the pictures of the estate garden, showing me what I skipped. That last one was utterly fabulous. I have some of the same pictures. I think we both stood in the exact same spots.

  8. Wow!! So beautiful. Such gardens--I do like the smaller one also. MB

  9. Incredible! I see some Little and Lewis influences in gardens 1 & 3. The last garden is really cool with all the interesting potted plants! Y'all covered a lot of ground in just three days!


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