Monday, June 23, 2014

Hardy Plant Study Weekend - Day 4, Whidbey Island

Clouds are moving in.   They say rain is on the way.  But the weather was perfect for a full day of touring gardens on South Whidbey Island.

Garden 1 - Hummingbird Hill

Washing machine water feature.

Garden 2 - A huge woodland estate overlooking Puget Sound

 The deer fenced vegetable garden
 An eagle's nest.

 The guest house
 The studio

 The main residence

 The view from the terrace

 Clipped native salal

 Broken pottery "grave yard"

Garden 3 also had a view of the sound.  

Garden 4, Froggwell, was lovingly created by the owner/gardener from 1982 to 1997.  Upon her death, the garden fell into neglect, but it is being brought back to life by volunteers.

 There's so pretty sophisticated layering going on here.

Garden 5 was a show stopper!  Set on a slopping lot with a view to Saratoga Passage, it was a prime example of color through foliage.

 This is the "atrium" under and within wings of the house.

 And the view from the atrium.

Whew!  The tour is over.  We will slow down a bit now.  We are gardened out, and probably so are you.  It was a lovely four days though.


  1. Thanks for the great photos of the fifth garden in Langley. On Friday, we didn't have time to see that one, and now I am so bummed. I wish I'd spent today back on Whidbey, instead of in Georgetown.

  2. Overwhelmed a bit. Are we sure that your area was not the original site of the Garden of Eden?

  3. I made my way through these five gardens and the 85 pictures, which show some very beautiful gardens. I wonder who tends the largest ones. And it's so wonderful that volunteers are restoring the one that fell into neglect after the gardener died. :-)

  4. I am a huge foliage person so #2 struck my fancy and I loved that view the best. However they were all stunning and had awesome views. Liked the outdoor fireplace also.
    Thanks for such a lovely tour.

  5. So many beautiful gardens! One of the things I love about these tours is the variety of gardens, each different from the others and each wonderful in its own way. Thanks for sharing the tour.

  6. I enjoyed that first garden it had personality:)

  7. I'm so impressed with your gorgeous photos, Linda. Thank you for adding beauty to my evening.


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