Greetings from Seattle

Thursday, June 26, 2014


We had a lovely last day, Wednesday, at the Whidbey cabin.  

My view from the top on the hill on my walk.
 My view while reading by the lagoon.
But the sun has gone down on that little bit of summer.

We returned home last night to a kitty who was very glad to see us.

This morning we were off to the Berliner Pub in Renton to join Jill and a gang of other USA supporters for the USA vs Germany World cup match.

Since then we have been very busy here at home.

We picked crops.
Then I had to wash the lettuce and store it, and prepare some of the raspberries for the freezer.  But that meant I had to defrost the freezer, which is a job I do every spring and hadn't gotten to yet.

Cleaning out the freezer I found six quarts of raspberries from last year.  However they are suspect, since the berries turned wormy very early in the season, so I am thawing them and will make raspberry syrup tomorrow.
I also found almonds I didn't know I had so I toasted them.  I used to eat only raw almonds, but I like the toasted and lightly salted ones so much more, that I am making my own.

The freezer defrosted while I had lunch, and then I wiped it down and filled it back up again, with plenty of shelf space now for the new berries. 

Tom was busy outside.  He watered pots and raked the lawn (those dogwood leaves are still falling), and then mowed.  Then he began the process of trimming the edges.

I decided to get out into the yard too, and deadheaded the roses and the Welsh poppies.  Then I picked a bouquet for the house.

When I cleaned out the freezer I remembered those razor clams we dug a few month back.  We had some for dinner.

Now I am done.  Tom is out spraying the raspberries, trying to prevent the soft fruit Fruit Fly from ruining our crop of raspberries this year.  We wait until evening so the bees have gone to bed.  Hopefully we will win this battle this year.  

And so go the domestic chores now that we are back at home.


  1. Cleaning out your freezer is an interesting voyage of discovery. We also find things we've forgotten

  2. As always, you're very productive. Your garden is looking great! Defrosting the freezer doesn't sound like a great deal of fun but you found some treasures!

  3. It would be hard to leave Whidbey if you didn't have such a great place to live the rest of the time.
    You must be enjoying the World Cup but I am lost trying to figure out the brackets and how the scoring is done. Who knew one could lose but not lose? This is an education but am enjoying it. Go USA.

  4. Your summer sounds like a good balance of recreation, relaxation, and productive labors. Your fresh from the garden produce looks so good!

  5. Well, the USA lost but is still in the running. I'm sure you already know this, but you are the one who keeps me wanting to know about the games. I love your beautiful bouquet, Linda. Your life is pretty darn good! :-)

  6. The flowers, fruit, and nuts look great.

  7. how fun, I remember a few years ago planting our anniversary garden with flowers to decorate my table. When they bloomed I cut some of them and brought them in but they smelled terrible! lol...

  8. You are one busy lady! I always find some inspiration for cooking something different when I defrost the freezer. :)

    Your flowers are lovely!

  9. I can't believe all that you and Tom accomplish every day! I love the vase of flowers. Oh and the raspberries and almonds look delicious!

  10. I can't get over how much raspberries you got. We never got more than a handful at our Illinois house. How fabulous to be able to go out and pick a bouquet of flowers.


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