Saturday, October 15, 2016

Final Day: Saying Goodbye to Maine

I spent much of this last week sorting and editing photos from our trip and preparing posts for this blog. I used to create photo albums and written journals of trips, but now I use my blog to create and store my albums on the cloud. 
This is the last post of the trip. I am doubling up today because we are expecting a storm that is likely to cut off our power, so for those of you dedicated souls who have been following along, after this post scroll down to the next one which is also new.
For those of you who have persisted in following this "photo dump", thank you. I was happy to take you along.
And then it was Saturday, Oct. 8th. By now we were about 150 miles north of Boston, where we were to fly out at 6:45 that evening. 
It was foggy that morning, the first fog we had encountered since that first wet weekend at the start of our trip. 
After breakfast at the inn, we checked out and paid a visit to the nearby Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

 The breakwater is obviously a popular place for a morning walk, with lots of people coming and going.  But it is long and we did not take the time to get all the way out to the fog obscured light house. 

It was time to set off inland toward Augusta, where we would pick up the I-95 freeway back to Boston. 

The sky cleared and we were treated to more wonderful Maine autumn color. 

We arrived in Augusta with plenty of time to walk around the capitol and spend a little time on the river walk on the banks of the Kennebeck River. 

Because we allowed ourselves plenty of time, we didn't get stressed when we were slowed down in traffic getting back to Boston and the airport. We were air bound on time and back in Seattle and at home to hug our kitty by 11:00 Saturday night. 

It was a wonderful trip!


  1. Yes, I enjoyed the trip with you. Hoe is always best.

  2. glad you arrrived home safely-looks like a wonderful trip with gorgeous fall colors

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Enjoyed all your pictures.

  4. Another wonderful tour, I have certainly enjoyed seeing a different part of the world.

  5. I have been enjoying your trip and seeing the pictures. I can't get over how pretty the trees are there. How colorful! Maine looks beautiful! Your header picture takes my breath away! I want to move into the little brown building on the right. :)

  6. Maine is one of my all time favorite places. Around every corner is a postcard scene. Thanks for the chance to enjoy once more.

  7. I like those autumn colors. Nice buildings, too.

  8. Loe the fog and the beautiful autumn colors! :-)

  9. Oh the leaf colours!!!

    Nice to hear you had such a very enjoyable trip.

  10. I have enjoyed your trip and photos. I hope you aren't hit badly with the weather I see is your way.. Michelle

  11. Great tour of the eastern seaboard! Love the pictures of the fog and lighthouses.


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