Saturday, October 15, 2016

Freeport to Rockport, Maine: Part 2

After leaving the botanical garden on Friday, Oct. 7, the last full day of our New England tour, we drove south to Boothbay Harbor, and beyond, to the end of that peninsula, at Newagen, and The Cuckholds Light House. 

Back in Boothbay Harbor, we spent a little time looking in shops. 

There wasn't much of a view of the actual harbor, just this peek-a-boo look where we sat to eat our ice cream. 

We bought a few locally made pottery pieces here to give as gifts. 
And then we were off to explore the next peninsula and find Pemaquid Point.

We got slowed down a bit passing through the town of Damariscotta, where they were getting ready for their Pumpkin Festival. In front of each business was a huge pumpkin/squash that they were busy decorating. 

And after all of that glorious color we reached Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.

Some of our country's first settlers were dumped here when their ship wrecked in 1635. 

A wedding was in progress. 
The lighthouse keepers house is now a Fisherman's Museum. 

We still had daylight and time, so we went looking for the Colonial Pemaquid Historic Site. This is the Fort House, most likely built by the last commander of Fort Frederick as part of a farm about 1780. 

This tower dated from the first fort on the site, Fort William Henry, built by the English, dating from 1692 until it was overrun by Native Peoples joining with the French in 1696. In 1729 Fort Frederick was built here on the ruins and maintained during the colonial wars, ending in 1759. 
There was a colonial settlement here, with small farms overlooking this bay. 

And then it was time for the final drive of the day, to Rockport, where we would have our final lodging of this trip. 



  1. So many pictures to absorb, Linda. I am glad to be back home with you once again. :-)

  2. Another wonderful tour, such a delight to see it all.

  3. It is very pretty out there on the east coast, so full of history! :)


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