Monday, October 3, 2016

The Wedding

It was a wedding that brought us to New England. My niece Laura was marrying her Roger in a ceremony  at 4:00 on Sunday at the Ipswich Country Club. 

Laura had hoped for an outdoor ceremony, but drizzle persisted and kept us indoors. That did not daunt the bride, who was so happy that in the middle of the ceremony she giggled and announced, "I'm so excited!"

Dad Don escorted the bride while Mom Sheree looked on. She was glowing too.

Vows, promises, and "I do's" were exchanged.

You may now kiss your bride. 

First dance.

Laura's family: SIL Elspeth. Brother Brent, Bride Laura, Sister Janelle, and the proud parents, Don and Sheree. 

Father - daughter dance.
Don with his sisters, Linda and Laurie. 
Bride and Groom with the Norquist family. 
It was a beautiful and joyous wedding. We were blessed to be among the honored guests. 


  1. What a lovely wedding. You took such beautiful photos.

  2. Just beautiful, Linda. And that's a pretty jacket you're wearing, BTW. :-)

  3. Beautiful wedding, so nice you could be there! That cake is simple but stunning and I really like the cake topper! Have fun! :)

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  5. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. So glad they had a plan B in case of rain. The father daughter dance is the one that always makes me cry. Goodness you three siblings are cookie cutter cute.

  6. Glad you're getting in some family time in such a beautiful and interesting part of the country.

  7. how fun to be together with family as they start a new family!

  8. Such a beautiful and joyous occasion, full of promise and love.


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