Friday, October 14, 2016

Freeport to Rockport: Part 1

Friday, October 7th, just a week ago as I type this post, we were enjoying another day of bright blue skies on the coast of Maine. Today, here in Seattle, we are in the midst of wind and non-stop rain as a series of Pacific storms rolls over us. So revisiting this day a week ago is a pleasure.

I realized as I went over my photos that there is way to much for a single post. The garden I posted yesterday was part of this day. No wonder we were tired at the end of it, but Oh, what a lovely day it was.

We had spent the night at a hotel in Freeport, and since L.L.Bean is headquartered there and is open  24 hours, we made our first stop of the day there. 

 It's a Bean Boot mobile!
 Tom got his birthday present, three new L.L. Bean chamois shirts!

We moved on up the coast to the seaport of Bath, located on the Kennebunk River, noted for ship building. Shipbuilding has a 400 year old history here, and was steadily active from 1740 on. Here we visited the Maine Maritime Museum.

 The prize of this shipyard, and one of its last launches, was the six masted schooner, The Wyoming, the largest sailing ship built in this country, launched in 1909.

 Outside in the carpentry shop, a gentleman was carving figures for the children's exhibit.
 Pitch was used to seal the ships. 

 The pitch was used along with cotton cording and oakum. I had no idea what oakum was until I visited this exhibit. It is hemp fiber, collected mostly from old rope.
 These were the tools used to seal all of the seams of the vessels, using pitch and cotton and oakum, pounded into the cracks between the boards. 
Where the ship building/launch site used to be. 
 Now marked by this sculpture showing the size and position of the Wyoming. 

 This gentleman gave us a very good explanation of how a large ship was launched. It was labor intensive, time sensitive, and scary!

 Then we were on the move again, heading for Boothbay.

Our next stop was the botanical garden I showed you yesterday. 
And that's enough for this post.


  1. You did pack a lot into that day.
    Isn't the weather just nasty today? Our power was out a good part of the afternoon. DH warmed our supper on the camp stove and THEN the power came back on. Go figure. We do have a generator but it only runs lights, fridges, freezers and a few more small things. Or not. It often seems to get overwhelmed and quits.Take care.

  2. I find all old technologies very interesting. The wooden ships had their own technologies.

  3. What an amazing trip! I have been to Maine years ago and hope to revisit it soon.
    Texas is a world away from both the Pacific Northwest and New England. I love both!

  4. We have a maritime museum down here but it is not as large or fancy. I have heard about your nasty weather and hoping you all are staying safe.

  5. Ken loves his LLBean chamois shirts. Actually, we both love anything with the LLBean label. It's an outstanding company. We've encountered the LLBean bootmobile on the highway a few times. It always causes a double-take.

  6. I always wanted to go to LL Bean. Lucky you. Interesting about oakum and enjoyed the changing leaves.
    Looks like bad weather heading for you, stay safe.

  7. how fun, my hubby would love to see all the ship museums...


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