Thursday, October 20, 2016

Worse Than Pulling Teeth

Notice the cleaned up patio. Yesterday was sunny and we got work done.

What a nasty day. Too much rain. Huge amount of rain. What a disaster!  Must be rigged against me. 

Sorry. I can't stop talking like Trump. You might have that problem too if you watch the trending #TrumpsBookReports. Google it. It's very funny. Bigly funny!
On Tuesday morning I had a tooth pulled. When I went to the dentist, I had not planned on a tooth extraction, but my badly broken wisdom tooth was not a good candidate for repair. After contemplation I choose to have it removed.

It was a first for me. While my teeth are unattractive, I still have all of them. Well, now I don't. I was a bit fearful, but decided to joke with the dentist and just relax and go with it. The process was quite simple. As I waited for the deadening agent to wear off, I also waited for the pain to set in. It never did. It was painless!
Mantel decorations
That was not the case Wednesday evening. After working in the yard much of the day, I got dinner ready and then at 6:00 we sat down to the dinner table and the 3rd Presidential Debate. 

I was dreading this debate. After the first two, and especially the second, I was so weary of Trump. I find him an embarrassment to our nation. But most of all I didn't think Hillary should have to stand on the stage with him for another 90 minutes and be bombarded with lies and insults and attacks.

Now I know some of my dear readers do not agree with me politically. If it is a difference of conservative view of policy vs liberal view of the role of government, I can respect that. However, if you find yourself feeling you have to vote for Trump because you hate Hillary, I can only say that you have been misled. So many of the claims against her just are not true. You can find this out by fact checking. Just google a question, like "Did Hilary Clinton lie to the FBI", and look for the Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact link, or try Both are good and non-biased. 

Anyway, back to the debate. I needn't have worried about Hillary. She can take care of herself. After trying in the first two debates to actually discuss policy, she realized she would have to squeeze substance in where she could. Instead she dismantled her opponent. 

Trump was pretty good for the first 30 minutes, trying hard to stay calm, on topic, presidential. But Hillary knew how to get under his skin, and I think it was talk about Putin that got to him and sent him reeling out of his carefully coached control. From then on, substance on his part amounted to babble and word salad. I had to put my hand up to cover his face from my view (On a 60 inch TV, that is a bigly face!) much of the time as he sighed and sniffed and screwed up his face and mouthed words of retort. It was painful to watch. Ugh. That man should never play poker. 

Donald Trump is a bully. He has bullied his way into being one of two major candidates for the President of the United States. It is beyond belief. 

But Hillary Clinton is one tough lady. She has had to be. She can handle a bully. Using Trump's own words, she took him apart, until what was left was a big pouting pile of poo. 

I hear that our ballots are in the mail. I'll sit down today and study the voter's guide. One race I will not have to study is POTUS. I will be proudly casting my vote for the first woman President of the United States!


  1. I also watched the debate which is highly unusual for me but these have not actually been debates. I think of debates as between two people who both have knowledge of a subject. I was not happy to have Hillary as the Democrat's nominee. However, I now have to say I suspect she's the only person in the world of politics capable of taking Trump down. I seriously doubt another man could have done it. He obviously doesn't know what to do with her. It was like watching art last night. She was smooth as silk as she went about the work of rendering him impotent.

  2. Glad your tooth pulling non event. Unfortunately I've had teeth pulled, but it's never a big deal. I give you credit for having sat through the debate. There's no way I could have tolerated it. Frankly, I feel that Trump isn't qualified to run for President based on that he's never gotten to the age of 35. He's still a child.

    1. that should read "was a non event..."

  3. I watched the entire thing, and since it was the final "debate" I was able to finally feel confident that he wasn't going to somehow morph into a person who might actually win this election. I too am looking forward to getting my ballot in the mail and sitting down with and study the other issues on the ballot. It's nice to know there are plenty of others like us. And yes, the first female president! I can't wait!! :-)

  4. I had to turn the first debate off. i got through the second debate by keeping a tally of the sniffs. I watched last night's debate. I was surprised at how contained Trump was at first but it did not take long for that facade to crumble and fall. How dare he tell us that our votes are not valid! He is a bozo. No wonder there has been a rash of creepy clowns making bizarre appearances.

  5. I rather enjoyed the debate last night, I think Donald won the debate hands down. His stand on Veterans, Healthcare, Abortion, Isis and Taxes alone makes him the better person for president in my opinion. I agree with all of his policies and none of Hilly's so there you have it. It will be an interesting election. :)

  6. Wish I'd caught the debate. It's a shame Hillary has to stoop so low. He's such a putz.

  7. I could only stand to watch about thirty minutes of the debate. The snorting, sniffing bully was too much to see so I listened to the rest on the radio instead. One would imagine that you'll soon be securing your borders for winter.

  8. Well, this nasty woman (meaning me) and her bad hombre (meaning Nigel) couldn't bear to watch any of the debates. But I followed the memes on Facebook. Trump makes me cringe, and I am eagerly looking forward to getting my ballot in the mail so I can vote for Hillary too.

  9. I've mostly avoided commenting on your election, but I can certainly say that it is mesmerizing reality TV! Mostly here I think there's a sympathetic concern for our neighbours to the south, especially about what will happen after Nov. 8th. It aeems sad that you have to go through this.

  10. It seems that everybody is looking for relief when this thing is over.

  11. As a Canadian, I initially watched with amusement, and then with a sense of horror as this campaign went on. I've watched all three debates and am of the belief that Hillary Clinton won them all. I thought we had a lot of mudslinging in our last election but we were rank amateurs in comparison to the stuff that came out of Trump's mouth. He truly is a school yard bully...the "no you're the puppet" line last night proved that.

    What I fear is what happens after the election. It would seem he has created division and hate among his supporters with his rants against pretty much every one else but himself. I suspect Hillary will be challenged with the need to try to bring the country together again.

    And just in case, by some freak chance he become president, my friends and I are prepared to set up a crowd funding page to build a wall to keep him out of Canada. Good luck!

  12. I'm so glad you were able to have the extraction without a problem, Linda. That's a relief. I lost a lot of my teeth a LONG time ago. My jaws are too small for all my teeth. All my wisdoms are gone.

    I've watched the 2nd and 3rd debate. I didn't want to watch the first because just looking at Trump talk is so aggravating. I'm glad the debates are over. I wish the elections were over too. We are all voting for Hillary over here. Mom can't understand why there's even a question.

    I just read Eileen's comment. I agree 100% with her too. I also noted that "No, you're the puppet" childish retort.

  13. So glad your dentist visit was a non event. I have yet to get my first wisdom tooth and my brother just got his first one at age 80. Guess there is hope for me yet.
    I am so ready for this election to be over and sanity will be restored---providing the Donald goes off to start his own TV network with Roger Ailes so I can turn him off for good.

  14. I couldn't stomach a 3rd 90 minutes of that cretin, so I just followed via Twitter. The state of our country, vis a vis all the hatred, sickens me. I doubt that it will end on election day; hell, it might even get worse. But the thought of Trump as president is both frightening and sickening.

  15. Sorry about the tooth story. The bad thing about this time of life is that our teeth begin to fail us.

    Comparing the debate to have the pain of pulling teeth is a great comparison. Uggggg.


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