Greetings from Seattle

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April Flowers

We're having plenty of April showers. But here in the coastal Pacific Northwest we don't have to wait for May flowers. 

Here's what's in bloom in the Reeder garden.
Tulips and grape hyacinths. 
One of many primroses

Tulips, bluebells (wood hyacinths) ranunculus.
The white candy tuft border is coming into bloom 

Bleeding hearts

Hellebores, pink pulmonarias, purple heuchers, 
The bronze of new fern fronds. As you can see, everything is erupting. 
Native mahonia (Oregon Grape - low growing)
Red Japanese maple tree flowers. 

Native red flowering currant. 

Still blooming: Leucojum above, Magnolia stellata below. 

The first Lewisia is blooming on the front porch.
Trillium: Red flowering,
Native white flowering, now turning purple with age,

Yellow flowering. 
Blue and white pulmonaria (lungwort) 

Native purple violets

Fragrant Viburnum burkwoodii 
Viburnum davidii


"Mouse" flowers under the Mouse Plant, but those are not the leaves of the Arisarum proboscideum.  I'm holding thos back, and didn't get any in the photo. Quite the name for a funny little plant. 

Flowers of the Full Moon maple

Tall growing mahonia - Oregon Grape.

These are highly fragrant and the bees love them. Now if it would only warm up enough for the bees to emerge. 
Tom has put out all of his mason bee cocoons and I keep looking for them to start buzzing about. No more bees in the refrigerator. :-)


  1. Gorgeous, and amazing. Out on my patio this morning I discovered in a pot of ivy a tiny Junco nest with four eggs.

    1. How exciting! what fun it will be to keep an eye on that nest!

  2. Please tell my those beautiful flowers are not all in your yard. If so, the scent would make me die and go to heaven. I adore that white camellia. I've tried to grow tulips but the critters eat the bulbs underground in the winter, so it's a one season only for my yard.

    Can't wait for more updates on the bees.

    1. They are, in fact, all in our yard, plus more. This coastal part of our state in gardening paradise, very much like England.

  3. What a marvelous garden! Inspiring!

  4. I just had to stop by and say what lovely flowers.
    I enjoyed your post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  5. Bleeding hearts blooming! My bleeding heart shoots are just coming out of the ground.Fantastic garden at your place.

  6. Your flowers are amazing!! Your Hellebores don't seem to have suffered from the torrential rains we had this past while. Mine really got battered and have had a hard time recuperating. Any suggestions as to how I can prevent damage for next year? ( Gardeners are always thinking about "next year").

  7. I love your flower gardens, and that mouse plant is really neat. It is so cute, just like a little mouse. You have all flowers and no weeds! I grow lots of healthy weeds and few flowers. :(

  8. Such a beautiful array of flowers, Linda. The bees should be emerging soon! I love seeing your garden in bloom. :-)

  9. Your garden is truly beautiful. Thanks for the virtual tour.

  10. Beautiful. April is good to you.

  11. I am always awed by the variety you have. Just beautiful and your (and our) reward for all your hard work.

  12. You have such pretty flowers! I enjoyed seeing all the Trilliums of different colors! Your tulips are so tall, my tulips were always real short ...when the deer didn't eat them off :)

  13. Would love to see a shot of your wisteria arbor at this time even if it is not flowering yet. Your photo last year of it in full bloom still haunts me - in a good way.

  14. Wow! You have an amazing array of beautiful flowers! I was especially excited to see the different colored trilliums. My friend, Karen, had brought me some bulbs for the different colors just today. I had never seen any other colors except the white ones that grow in the woods.

  15. you have powerful lenses to capture these lovely beauties so nicely !!!
    i appreciate you shared your delightful blooms with us dear.
    loved the all but white and pink are my pic

  16. Just amazing. And, you know the names of everything...

  17. Your garden is blooming perfection!

  18. Oh gracious! Everything is blooming so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your spring with us.


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