Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tulip Time in the Skagit Valley

It is an annual pilgrimage for us. This year our days were filling up, and the weather has been awful, but we decided to set a date and take our chances. Look what we got!
 Here we are in one of the growing fields of Roozengaarde, one of the major bulb growers here. 

And this was just the beginning. Next we were off to the incredible Roozengaarde display gardens, and more growing fields.  

I have too many photos, so I will try to limit myself. At least there will be very little to read. 

This is outside the display garden, along the road, for all passersby to see. 

 So many beautiful combinations. 

 In the distance you can see the bands of color of more growing fields. We trekked out there too. 

 A field of daffodils had just finished their show. 

 Purple and gold W, for all the Husky fans.
We spent about three hours here and in the fields. We bought some lunch here and enjoyed the gift shop as well.

Then we were off to Christianson's Nursery, also in the valley. More to come. 


  1. I thought our tulip bulb farms here in Michigan were great but I think yours beats ours. Wonderful photos and colors!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! The tulips are so beautiful.

  3. You lucked out, weather-wise! The colors in your photos are electric. A real shot in the arm in our dreary spring.

  4. Such excellent weather and spectacular photos. A bright spot in my day.

  5. I'm glad to be able to see the tulips that had just begun to open when I went on the 17th. They are all in their finery in your display pictures. Thank you for the gorgeous trip back to Tulipland, Linda. Your pictures are spectacular. :-)

  6. For a little prairie boy who's only used to wheat fields , it's hard to get my head around tulip fields. With all the vivid colors they can make eye catching designs. I can see why you would not miss the tulip tour.

  7. Those displays are almost a sensory overload. Just amazing. I can see this festival being a can't miss event.

  8. Those flowers are so gorgeous. Thanks so much for the eye candy - beautiful visual feast.

  9. Beautiful! Thank you for going, what a great day for photos, and the tulips were just in peak bloom time!! How lucky is that! :)

  10. Yowsa! Just thinking of all the work it requires to design and plant these every year makes me tired.

  11. You really had a gorgeous day for all those amazing photos, Linda! You brought back such lovely memories. I'm blown away by your awesome photos!!!


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