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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Think It's Really Spring!

We have had a stretch of dry weather! I see on our weather station monitor that it is currently 59.2 degrees. I don't know if it officially made it to 60 today or not, but that has been a target for us. This has been a long, cold, wet winter and early spring that has had all of the locals complaining.

Rain returns tonight, but while we had the chance, we made hay while the sun shines. I think we have all of the pruning and clipping and cleaning up done here in our yard, and Monday we spent the day in Jill's yard, doing the same. While I crawled on hands and knees, weeding, Jill and Tom pruned and got the vegetable garden dug.  They tried to get her lawn mowed, but her lawn mower wouldn't start, so today Tom got ours mowed and then took the lawn mower over to her house and Jill and Tom got her hay field mowed. 

I  planted a pot of primroses for Jill and did some cleaning up on her deck this morning, and then this afternoon, while Tom mowed, I took photos and went for my walk. 

Here is proof that it is spring!

Violets, daffodils and primroses.
 Pulmonaria and hellebore and daffodils.

 Bleeding heart
 Chickadees are nesting in the church bird house. 
Our native trillium
 An early rhododendron
 New green lighting up the path.
 Oxalis bubbling up.
 Native red flowering current.

 One of many forms of epimedium. 
 A red flowering corydalis. 
 Leucojum ( tall snow drops)
 Magnolia stellata


Mowing man. More moss than grass, I'm afraid. 

This is yellow and pink time, yellow daffodils and forsythia, which we have, but I had to go on my walk and borrow the pink - plum and cherry blossoms. 

 And dandelions!  Not in our lawn, of course. :-)
I think I can be happy to be indoors now as the rain returns, at least for a few days. But my garden will be calling me. There is always more to do and more to discover. 


  1. Spring is has come in full force at your house. Sadly, we've got snow back in the forecast. Beautiful photos!

  2. It's a very colorful time of year on the coast. The bleeding heart made me think about how far ahead you are. I won't see bleeding heart blooms until mid May

  3. Can you send some of that warm dry west coast weather over here? Your yard looks like mid-May!

  4. We are having the same weather as you are. We reached 15 C today which is just below 60F I believe. And, like you, we are heading for some rain again.
    All those lovely blooms in your garden. I'm totally envious!!

  5. I'm so impressed by your knowledge of plants and's definitely spring there, here too and summer has been put on hold while the rain comes...

  6. Since we don't really have 4 distinct seasons, the way I can tell that spring has arrived are all the new flowers and plants that Home Depot and Lowes have for sale. Pretty, pretty plants from the Mainland!

  7. Hooray for the few dry days. Your garden and neighborhood are wearing the colors of the season beautifully! My "lawn" is more dandelions and other weeds than grass but I really wish that the violets would just take over so we wouldn't have to mow at all.

  8. I can not even imagine having a yard as pretty as yours. It must be fun to walk and look, every day! Your Forsythia is amazing. I have three in bloom now that are pitiful looking. Looking at pictures of your yard reminds me of the book of Perennials I bought when we built our house. I wore that book out, looking and dreaming. We sure enjoyed watching Carolina win the championship Monday night. But then, my heart goes out to the team that loses, especially those young guys who can't hold back the tears. I usually cry for them too.

  9. Yes, it's finally spring! We didn't have any sunshine up here yesterday and it made it to the mid-fifties, nowhere near 60. And we've got rain, rain and more rain in the forecast. :-(

  10. Love seeing all the spring color. I'm so hungry for color. The grass where we live looks awful but it's too wet to get the mowers in to mow. Perhaps a day or two of sun will dry things out a little. It's been a soggy spring.

  11. Yup, it looks like spring to me. Beautiful colors everywhere.

  12. Now I get my garden fix via your blog postings. I loved every single photo. Beautiful.

  13. Beautiful photos! As always I'm envious...while it has been warm and dry (no snow left) it will be a few more weeks before much is blooming here.

  14. Your garden is springing up beautifully, but those cherry blossoms.... wow!!!


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